Dating the Son of Zeus *8*

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My eyes snapped open. Catching my breath I attempted to get my bearings. Looking around I saw that I was still laying in my bed in my room. The dream was so real. The breeze from outside, the colors of the flowers, the scent the garden gave off, Sophia. Even though I knew it was a dream, one that I conjured, didn't make it seem any less amazing. I had invaded her dreams. It was great. I knew that gods were able to do that to mortals but I had never tried it before, I'd never had a reason to. Sitting up and running a hand through my hair I thought about it. Sophia had really opened up. She'd told me some really personal things. Other than the fact that she had admitted that she was afraid of the dark, she'd shed light on the fact that she was an orphan. That killed me. I don't know how anyone could see her and not want to have her in their lives. She was just so....amazing. There wasn't any other word I could put to her. The best part was she thought I was handsom. I felt myself grin. In a way I felt a tad guilty. I felt as if I was invading her privacy, which in a way I guess I was. She told me these things thinking that I wouldn't really know them. I'd have to remember not to mention any of it. Glancing at the clock above my bed I saw that it was 5:30. Time had flown by with her. Pretty soon I would have to wake up for school. Walking to my closet and pulling on some clothes I decided to go and grab breakfast for everyone. I needed the fresh air anyway. Walking out the front doors of the building I inhaled deeply. The air was nothing like it was back home. Here you could taste the grittyness of it. The tinge of car fumes and people. It was so crowded here. Even at this early hour, the city was alive and well. Walking down the sidewalk I attempted to clear my head, knowing that I only had a few hours before I would see her again.


"Guys I really don't think I can sit through this lecture today," Leonidas said as we took our seats in mythology class.

"I swear if I hear you complain one more time I'm going to send you back home," Penelope said rolling her eyes.

"It's hard enough to have to live with the man, but to hear this teacher talk about him. Nope, no way not happening," Leonidas continued ignoring her.

"Don't worry it'll be ok. Just go to sleep," I said to him. Truth be told, I was getting rather tired of his complaining as well.

I felt it. It was her. No sooner did I feel her presence then she walked in. She was wearing faded blue jeans and a flowing red blouse. Her hair wasn't down as it had been last night, instead it was pinned up on her head. I noticed a few stray strands that had managed to fall from her messy bun. I decided she looked good no matter what. When she caught my eye, I saw her hesitate. It was only briefly but I caught it. I knew that she was replaying the dream in her mind, and I had to tell myself not to give anything away. Trying to act normal, I turned to Perseus, attempting to strike up a conversation. I didn't get very far with it when she walked up to my seat.

"Hey Hayden," she said smiling at me.

"Hey Sophia."

She held my gaze for a moment, as if expecting me to say something. Her smile faltered, however, and I knew my charade was working. She was thinking that I didn't have any clue about the dream. She stared at me intently, searching me. Her eyes held so much power, it was incredible. They could hold so much sincerity and kindness, and in a flash they could make you feel like you were being inspected under a microscope. Penelope speaking broke us from our moment.

"Hello," she said to Sophia. "I'm Penelope, Hayden's sister."

Sophia turned her attention towards her. The look she had given me was replaced with one of genuine kindness. "Hello, I'm Sophia."

"I don't believe we've met," Penelope said.

"No we haven't. I do know your brother though," Sophia said giving me a sideways glance.

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