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Your boyfriend, Cody, has a surprise present for you.

"Hey, y/n?" you hear your mom calling from downstairs.
"What?" you reply, poking your head out from your room.
"I'm going shopping. Anything you need?"
"Nothing I can think of." You smile at her.
"Ok! I'll be back in a while. You can call Cody to come over, if you don't want to be alone," she tells you, knowing you don't like being alone in the house too much. The area isn't exactly the safest, and you're a play-it-safe sort of person.
"Ok! I'll probably call him," you reply before giving her a wave goodbye. You go back into your room and hop on your bed. You check your phone to see Cody had called a few minutes ago. You call him back quickly and he answers on the first ring.
"Y/n!" You can hear the excitement in his voice.
"What is it? Sorry I didn't answer," you say.
"Can I come over?"
"Of course. Mom's shopping now and she told me I could call you over, actually."
"Good. I'll be there in 15. I have a surprise for you," he exclaims brightly.
"You got another tattoo?" you joke, laughing.
"EVEN BETTER," he giggles secretively.
"Ok, fine fine, come over already," you reply, grinning. You hang up and check your clothes. You're wearing an old tshirt of Cody's and sweat pants. "Ehhh I'm good," you chuckle to yourself before brushing your hair.
Cody arrives and knocks on the door. You trot down the stairs and check your reflection in the hallway mirror before opening the door to a grinning Cody holding...
"Yes!!" Cody grins and the little dog wags its tail, trying to come over to you.
"He? She? Is a..." you look closely at the little brown dog. "Lab?"
"She is a LABRADOR!" Cody gushes. You let him in and he parks himself on the couch, still holding the puppy.
"How old is she?" You sit beside him and pet her head. She tries to lick your hand and you giggle.
"She's 2 months old," he replies, handing her over to you. You hold her on your lap and kiss her nose.
"She's so adorable oh my god," you squeal, hugging the little puppy. "Thank you, Cody! I love you!" You've always wanted a dog, and Cody knew that.
"Anything for my princess," he coos, kissing you softly. You kiss him back and he puts a hand on your neck. You get closer to him, deepening the kiss. Suddenly, a certain little creature licks across both your cheek and Cody's, and you pull away from each other.
"EWW," you squeal, laughing.
"Oh god that was gross," Cody wipes his face on his shoulder and laughs. The puppy wags her tail and wriggles around in your arms. You let her down onto the floor, and she excitedly starts running around, almost crashing into the coffee table.
"Well, the question becomes what we name her," Cody comments, watching her speed out of the room before coming back and starting to chase her tail.
"Something cute like Anne?" You suggest.
"What about Ariel?" Cody watches the puppy chase her tail and lose her balance, falling to the floor. She barks and comes flying onto the couch, crashing into the both of you.
"Whoa," you laugh, petting her. "Ariel would be adorable."
"Then I guess she's going to be Ariel...Herbinko?" Cody says slowly.
"That's so cute!" you gush, kissing him on the cheek. "This is amazing!"
You hear the door open and holler, "MOM, CODY GOT ME A DOG!"
"HE WHAT?" she yells, coming into the room, holding a bunch of groceries. Ariel leaps out of your arms and bounds over the Mom, who squeals like a little girl and immediately dumps all her groceries to pick up the little puppy. She loves dogs as much as you do.
"SHE'S SO CUTE!!" She cuddles her, and Ariel licks her face.
"You're cool with this, Ms. Y/l/n?" Cody asks tentatively.
"Of course!" Mom exclaims happily.
"Glad that didn't end up like a "it seemed like a good idea at the time" situation." Cody laughs and hugs me from the side.
"Aww babe," you coo, pressing your forehead to his. "I love you."
"I love you, too," Cody kisses you softly. You hear mom complaining jokingly and giggle.
Finally getting a dog and being with the love of your couldn't possibly be happier.

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