The Arrival

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He lied. He FUCKING lied.
I can't believe he lied to me.
"Don't worry, babe. We won't get caught!" he told me. Fucking lied straight threw his shit-stained teeth.
And thats not the worst part. The worst part is I believed him. I FUCKING BELIEVED HIM. I can't stand it. How vulnerable I am. No, how vulnerable I was. I am never letting another man walk all over me like that again.

Anyways, back to the actual story.

"McKyle. Dakota McKyle."
I got up from the kindergarten sized chair I was sitting in. I walked across the room to the front desk, wrists in pain from the handcuffs. How tight did they have to put those fuckers?

On the rusted metal desk was a sheet of paper. My discharge papers. The guard standing beside me picked them up and walked me to the front doors. Another guard stood there, took my papers from the scrawny guard beside me, and led me to a van. You heard me right, a van. Not a bus, a van. A final guard stood at the van awaiting my arrival. I felt like a celebrity with all her little body guards.

This guard looked different from the other two. He wore a blue outfit and looked like a rapist with his little rapist smirk. I got into the van, in which there were only three other prisoners. I looked toward the front to see another prisoner in the drivers seat, smiling up a storm. She looked like the fucking Joker, just slightly crazier.

"What are you doing?" I chuckled.

"Who, me?" The Joker asked.

"No. Your fucking reflection on the windshield. Yes you, dumbass. Why are you up there?"

"Well I'm the driver. I'm an inmate at Litchfield. You're going to love it there! Everyone is so nice. But watch out for people like....."

I zoned out after a while. I felt bad for Batman, considering he had to always deal with her.
The Rapist finally got in after what felt like a year of waiting.
"Okay Dogget. That was the last stop. Now bring us on home." He said while rubbing her shoulder as if they were married. I told you he was a fucking rapist.

The drive was pretty long; 45-60 minutes about. After the hour of sitting in what smelt like a gym locker room on wheels, we stopped next to the prison. A sign read "Litchfield".

The guard got out and then Joker got out. Well, I guess her name is Dogget. Following them were me and the other three.

"Welcome ladies to Litchfield; the most wonderful prison out there. My name is Dogget, but others call me Pennsatucky. Follow me." She began to walk up to the prison. Of course, we followed.
As we entered, we were handed our stuff. All I could see out of the pile was a pillow. The other stuff was just a pile of, well, stuff. Dogget showed us around the prison. It seemed really clean compared to the jail I was held in. I didn't see any roaches on the walls, or rats pacing on the floors. Finally, we were at our rooms.
I entered and saw some people. I didn't bother to talk to them. I just minded my own business. It was close to the night, so I just made my bed and went to sleep.

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