Jane and the Dragon

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Have you been battling money issues? Do you consistently meet against a wall when it comes to money? Just when your finances are beginning to look better home comes that unexpected bill or something desperately needs replacing. You never seem to get over that level and tend to be more under it that over it.

This little story may help you see your money related problems in a new light.

Jane was battling the fiery dragon. This fire breathing dragon was blocking her path. Jane wanted so much to get past the dragon. She had the sense that beyond the dragon were the things she desired and needed. In fact there were times when she was really in the thick of battle that she thought she could see gold beyond the dragon. It looked like the dragon was guarding the gold.

Now Jane learned from this experience that to get to the gold, which she so desperately wanted, she would have to kill the dragon. If only she could reach the gold and take what she needed she could pay off all of her debts and live a life without worry or concern.

With the understanding that the dragon was guarding the gold Jane fought with all her might. She was determined to kill the dragon. Once dead the gold would all be at her disposal.

However, the dragon was not an easy foe. The harder Jane fought the more the dragon danced about and spat out fire. Jane was almost toasted many times. The heat of the flames would singe her skin and hair. The dragon would roar and blast its fiery heat towards her when she drew near. As she swung her sword to strike the dragon dead the dragon easily dodged out of the way, spitting another hot flame in her direction as it did so.

This constant battling drained Jane of all of her energy. She would be forced to withdraw in order to regain her strength. During her rests she would moan over her life of shortage. She would complain that all the gold she needed was guarded by that fiery dragon. She would pray to God and ask him to kill the dragon, to help her get some of the gold. But God seemed not to listen. The dragon remained and never slept so that any attack by Jane was never a surprise for the dragon.

This endless battle went on for many years. Jane’s situation never improved and sometimes even worsened. She struggled to pay her debts and even to provide herself with enough sustenance to live through the day.

One day, many years of battling later, she lay down her sword and fell before the dragon and cried to him to devour her now for her life was of no worth. She wept sorely awaiting the fierce dragon to turn her pathetic existence into ashes. What was the point in living on in this condition. She was poor and helpless. What was the point in battling this fearless foe of a dragon who never tired and never released its gold.

After what seemed a very long time Jane had stopped sobbing and wondered why the dragon was taking its time. It should have devoured her by now. Was it waiting for her to stand up and then take her life? Slowly Jane raised her head and looked towards the dragon and the gold it was guarding. The brightness of the gold blinded her so that she could not see the dragon very clearly. She saw its outline as it slowly stood and walked towards her.

“This is it,” Jane thought aloud so that the dragon could hear her. “This is the end. Go on spit out your fire and burn my poor being to smoke and ashes. My life isn’t worth living anymore. And without your gold I have no more hope.”

She watched through the glare of the gold as the dragon approached and stood just an arm’s reach from where she lay. It didn’t look as big now as she had thought. Many a times as she battled the dragon it looked as if it towered over her with great height and size. But now it looked no bigger than a man.

Puzzled, and because it was not moving, she raised herself a little more to get a better look. She was curious that the dragon had stopped and was not blowing fire  and also that it looked now not much larger than her.