Chapter 2⃣6⃣

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After my dream I fell asleep cuddled into Lucas's warm side.

I felt lighter. Happier. All in all wonderful. My dream helped me realize what I want in life. What is important.

I woke up on top of Lucas who had his arms around my mid back and my head under his chin.

I snuggled in deeper and released content sigh.

"You are awfully cozy there. Aren't you? "

"Mmhm, you are a really comfy pillow. You should change you're job and become my life size body pillow." I responded still sleepy.

His chest rumbled with laughter. Lightly shaking me.

"How much would you pay me?"

"Hmm. I would pay you with yummy food, a roof to live under and anything else you want."

"That sounds very tempting, kitten. And if I said I wanted something else. Like a few stolen kisses here and there, midnight visits and late night strolls." He said while caressing my arm.

"You just have to ask nicely." I said.

He looked at me his eyes showing curiosity and surprise. Rapidly they changed to show a hint of happiness and lust.

"Ask nicely huh?"

He flipped us over. His callous hands ran up and down my stomach and then he started tickling me. "Is this nice enough for you."

"You are close but you c-..." the door opened abruptly cutting me off from what I was saying.

"Love birds leave the love making for later we have guests." Haylee exclaimed.

"What guests?" I asked curiously.

"Uncle Lucas!" A voice yelled accompanied with the pitter patter of small feet.

"Excuse me Ms. Haylee." The little girl said.

Haylee moved to the side letting the small girl through.

I remember this girl! Hallie! She was the flower girl for my cousins wedding. I faintly remember her helping me back in Greece when Shawn left me stranded. She's Lucas niece no wonder she called him to take care of my drunk self. Oh no poor girl. I traumatized her.

She jumped on the bed and went to hug Lucas.

"Hi Hallie. How have you been? Where are your parents?" Lucas asked Hallie.

"The are downstairs. Mommy said to come wake you up."

She then faced me. "Hi Ms. Nikki. I told you I'd find you a super hero to help you."

I blushed. She was unknowingly right. I finally realized her uncle is my super hero, my prince charming.

She pulled out of Lucas's embrace and walked into mine. Her small hands wrapped around my neck and her face nuzzled into my shoulder.

"How have you been sweetheart?"

"I have been good."

"Ok peeps,the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and stomachs Are growling. Get up now. I'll be waiting in the kitchen for you guys to feed me." Haylee said, then left downstairs.

"I like her. She is funny and her name sounds like mine." Hallie said.

"Yeah she is a very sassy person."

"Hallie go tell Olive that we'll be out soon. We have to change sweetie."

"Ok uncle." And so she skipped out of the room her pigtails flying behind her.

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