The Man In The Wall

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This is another true story from the "Deep Web". Be prepared to be scared.
I don't know what had me fooling around with illegal stuff like the "Deep Web", but I heard that it was a place where stuff the normal internet didn't have was stored and viewed. Immediately I got interested, and asked my friend how I may access the "Deep Web". He wrote me down the instructions. After a while I decided it was time to go home.

When I got home, I looked at the card he wrote the instructions on. It said I needed a browser called "Tor" to access it. Needless to say I got the search engine and read on. Next, it said I needed to find a page called "hidden wiki". After a while of searching, I found it.

I saw a bunch of nameless links. In the "Hidden Wiki", links are given without a name or description. People can only find out what's inside a link by clicking on it.

After numerous sites filled with child porn, drugs, and hitman for hire, I came across a link that I have yet to discover. I clicked on it so see a video. I pressed play.

I saw nothing but a wall. I stared at it for a few minutes. Just as I was about to exit, something was emerging through the wall. I waited and watched longer to discover it was a man with a mask.

"Hey there"
He said. Thinking this was a prank video, I just kept watching. After a while of me just staring at the screen, he began to speak again.

"Aren't you going to speak?" He asked.
I proceeded to type on the keyboard.
"Not the keyboard. Speak." He said
At this point I was a bit frightened.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"I'm your friend." He proceeded to say.

At this point, I'm scared. My face is full of terror. I begin to start showing my fright.
"Come on, friend. Don't give me that scared face." He said.

This is when I got extremely frightened.
"Just one second my friend. I will get your address so I can talk to you in real life."
He proceeded to type on his computer.

Frantic, I tried to close the window down and get out of the video.
"That won't work" he said.

Before he had time to track my address, I got a screwdriver, removed the back and battery from my laptop. It's been some time now, and he hasn't come. He didn't have enough time to get my address....

..... Or did he.....?

Another true "Deep Web" tale. Again, be careful on the Internet and don't be stupid. Don't access the "Deep Web". Since this was a short story, I may write another tonight. For now, oyasuminasai.

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