marrying my boss chapter 6

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Taylor's Pov

i woke up to an empty bed and to sam's lingering scent on our pillows, her side of the bed was still warm indicating that she had left not so long ago. it was weird that after our wondrous night as lovers last night she would just leave....uhh wait, we weren't lovers, we were married and we have a son and we are living in the same house...

'get a grip lautner...she's probably with nate and having breakfast.' i whispered as i chuckled and sat on the bed.

i squinted at the sunlight that entered our room from the blinds and instead of seeing our scattered clothes, her ripped dress which reminded me to take her shopping later for a replacement, the bedroom was now very clean and he had his clothes folded neatly on the couch. yes, even in their marriage, samantha is still his ever effecient secretary but to him she was more than that if only the little imp can see it. i stretched my back and moved to walk to the bathroom but not before our bedroom door opened and she let out a surprise squeal, i quickly grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around my waist before grabbing her inside the room.

'taylor lautner!! why are you not wearing clothes?!' she asked as she desperately tried to look anywhere else and not on my body. she was breathless and she had a very pretty blush on her cheeks and on her neck.

'but've seen everything last night' i whispered 'and early this morning...why do i have to hide? and you dont have to be shy...'

i was immediately rewarded by her blush as she pinched my cheeks 'i havent forgotten your majesty but just in case you forgot we have a 3yr old in the house who is excited to see his daddy and spend the day with him'

'oh right...i'm taking nate fishing today' i chuckled as i gave her a kiss 'you wont have me til midday today babe...will you ever make it without me?'

she shook her head and pushed me away 'im sure i'll do just fine, i'll be at my i'll see you guys for lunch ok?' she said as she gave a wave 'and make sure you be prompt ok and please take care of nate...'

'will do babe...see you soon!'

i could her hear delightful laugh before she left the room and i was left grinning like an idiot inside the bathroom looking at my reflection and wondered where was the sour face who used to stare at me every morning the moment i step inside the bathroom...does love really change people? or am i just feeling silly after what happened last night?


'daddy...where are the fishies?'

'careful buddy not too close to the edge...'

i said as i looked at nate peering from the boat to have a good look on the crystal clear waters of the lake near the Wilson's family home. i took him for a boat ride instead of fishing so we could just enjoy a quiet time together and so i could admire the small paradise my wife and son calls home. yes, it was a far cry from the mansions and the sprawling villas i was used to but it was still paradise and whats more important is...its called home.

the house itself had its own lake, a boat house, a vegetable garden and a fruit orchard and everything was now given to samantha as a gift during their wedding, though he wanted to buy his family a house but nate's safety and his childhood came first...they both wanted nate to have a normal family life, away from the media, away from the constant intrigue that surrounded him and his life. he smiled as he thought of the first time he brought nate home and shared the news to samantha, her face that day was that of a surprised angel yet the moment she held nate in her arms he knew he would give everything just to make her his. he didnt have to marry her just so he could take care of nate, he knew she would help without asking questions but he married her...not just for nate but to have her all to himself. that was a selfish decision on his part but what choice did he have? sam clearly didnt want anything to do with him and when nate came into their lives it was an opportunity he couldnt pass and he was happy with his choice...was sam happy?

'off we go buddy...mommy is expecting us real soon' i told him as i docked the boat and carried him in my arms 'im sure mommy misses us already...'

he smiled showing his baby teeth and i had to thank the heavens for giving me this little boy who has touched my heart and made my dream come true...

'yes! mommy said daddy's a star...but stars only come at night right daddy?' he asked as he touched my face 'i hope daddy doesnt leave...'

i felt my heart shatter to tiny pieces when i heard him say those words...had my absence done this to him? i promised to take care of him and looks like samantha did all the work while i was busy with my career i neglected that one thing that made me work so hard and made me who i am today...the family that i have come to love.

i gave him a kiss on his forehead as i hugged him tight 'daddy stays...daddy isnt leaving anymore.'


Sam's pov


i looked up from checking the cookie jars on display on the table tops that surrounded my little bakery in edinburgh. who would've thought that shy samantha lynne wilson would want to put up a business and not be stuck inside the office typing notes and be at boring luncheon dates and meetings. the corporate world was not for me thus i tried my luck being taylor's every effecient secretary and now i'm his wife and a mother to this handsome toddler who was at that moment running into my open arms with the man responsible for my thoughts turning into mush and in the light of the day i still cant bring myself to look at him straight in the eyes after our intimate moments last night.

'chill sammie girl...its the 21st century already' i whispered as i gave nate a hug and kissed his cheeks 'how is my little man doing? had fun on your fishing trip?'

taylor chuckled as he helped me up and gave me a kiss 'we just went boating, thats all...the fishies are apparently sleeping, we closed the shop by the way wilson...i hope you dont mind' he added with a grin as he looked around the shop.

'you're paying me by the hour lautner' i answered with a giggle 'help yourselves, i'll just heat our food inside.'

'i'll help...son dont touch anything alright?' taylor said as he followed me inside the kitchen 'this place is beautiful babe.'

'thank you lautner...its been 2yrs now since i last opened this and so far so good, i am making impressive profit.'

'2 years? how come you didnt tell me?' he said as he was getting some utensils from the cupboard 'what do we have for lunch?'

'just spaghetti, garlic bread and sandwiches if you like....for dessert well get as many cookies or slices of cake.' i answered him with a smile ' were quite busy with work so i didnt bother you with it.'

truth be told then i didnt see any reason why i should tell him of my plans considering that i was just his secretary even if he did marry me. during the first few months i still planned his schedules, his castings and attend to some of his business meetings while i played the role of a secretary i was also a mother to nate. back then it was still a bit difficult talking to him, telling him of my dreams despite his visits and when i decided to move to scotland with nate soon his visits were no more than a couple of days in a year and i was used to not telling him anything about me except when it comes to nate's welfare after all we married because of him.

after what happened last night...would anything change between us?

'i plan to stay...i know i havent been a great dad or a great husband but if only we can work things out...' he said then added 'i mean only if you agree of course...'

'what? what are you trying to say?'

'i plan to make this marriage work...'

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