Chapter 13

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Soon, days turned into weeks and eventually into two months. Aria, had moved out of Spencer's house and taken Spencer's old apartment she had offered her. She was reluctant at first, claiming she could find an apartment on her own, but Spencer insisted until Aria accepted the offer. She was grateful for it, as she didn't have to worry about rent or anything, and it was much easier than going apartment hunting. Aria had applied at Rosewood High for a job, and even at Philadelphia High, but they were already full on staff, and Aria would only get called in to substitute every now and then. She loved her current job too though. She worked with Hanna at her Boutique, and it was quite the job. It was fun, and she could work with her best friend.

Also, after several attempts, Aria finally managed to win Emily back, which made her very happy. And life with Olivia couldn't be any better. She cherished every moment she spent with her, which lately had been a lot. Ezra had even let her spend the night at Aria's on various occasions. Although no words were spoken between Aria and Ezra, as he still refused to listen to her, they somehow managed to share their daughter with no problem. At first, Olivia was beyond confused when Aria didn't come live with them, but after a little bit of lying, they made her understand why. Aria grabbed her coffee mug as she shoved her phone into her purse and headed towards Ezra's. Within minutes she arrived. She didn't knock, or ring the doorbell, she simply waited out in the car until Olivia came out. Ezra didn't want her anywhere in the house, which hurt.

"So where do you want to go today sweetie?" Aria asked, once she seated her in the back.

"How about the park?" Olivia suggested. "It's starting to get sunny."

Spring was just around the corner and it was the perfect weather for a day out in the park.

"Sure." Aria replied. "And we'll do lunch afterwards?"

"Ok Mommy." Olivia smiled.

Ezra stood by the window, coffee mug in hand, and watched as Aria left with Olivia. It still angered him that Aria was back, and even more so that he had allowed her to spend time with Olivia, but the past two months, he'd noticed Olivia seemed happier than he'd ever seen her before. He couldn't take that away from her, even though it upset him that Aria was able to connect and bond with Olivia even after being gone for four years. Every day, he had to push away the urge to let her explain, always reminding himself, that there was absolutely no excuse that could justify her leaving.

He had promised himself to get over her, to forget her, completely erase her from his heart. But how could he do that, when everytime he saw her, all those feelings just kept getting stronger? He hated that he couldn't control his feelings. Sure, he was angry, but he still loved her. And that just made him hurt more. Setting his coffee mug down, he decided he had to do something, anything, to make her feel the same pain, same hurt, same emptiness and loneliness he had felt. And he knew exactly how he was going to do it.

"Hey!" A cheery voice greeted him. "No Olivia again?"

"Not today. She's spending the day with a friend."

"Oh" Katie simply replied. "So the usual? Burger and fries? Pickles on the side?"

"You got it." Ezra smiled.

"I'll be back shortly."

Ezra nodded. He took out his phone from his pocket and played around with it as he waited for his food. He came across one of his old pictures, it was on Olivia's first birthday, all three of them standing behind the giant birthday cake. He let out a frustrated sigh as he shoved his phone back in his pocket.

"Here you go" Katie returned, placing the food in front of him.


Katie gave him a big smile.

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