Rouge laughed at my reaction causing me to snap my head in his direction. "Surprise!" he called out sarcastically. I crawled over to where KJ was sitting, bound in ropes.

"Oh god," I said breathlessly as I took in his appearance; his left eye was swollen shut and his right was different shades of green and purple, a small cut was above his eyebrow, and dry blood was caked around his nose. He looked at me with pleading, watery eyes, and it took everything in me not to cry. "I'm so sorry."

I snatched off the tape in one motion and he let out a low hiss, a tear escaping down his cheek. I wiped it away then apologized again when he winced. "Hey," he whispered, managing a small smile.

"Hi," I replied, going to untie his arms. A raspy hand grabbed my wrist and yanked me up on my feet making me make eye contact with River as he tightened his grip.

"Leave him tied," he demanded as I struggled in his grasp. "Understand?"

"Whatever," I responded, and he let go of me. "Can I be alone with him?"

"No," Rouge answered bluntly. I glared at him before turning back to KJ.

"I've missed you," he said with another faint smile. I couldn't hold back the tears anymore as I laid my head in his lap. "Everything will be okay," he said 'shh'ing me as loud sobs escaped my mouth.

I wiped my nose with the back of my hand when the tears finally stopped cascading down my face and onto his jeans. I stood up, took a deep breath, and walked calmly over to Rouge. When I felt I was close enough, I pulled my arm back and connected my fist to his jaw. He staggered back since he didn't expect it, but when he recovered you could tell he was pissed. He clutched his jaw and slowly opened then shut his mouth.

Next thing I know, River was holding my arms hostage behind my back and KJ was yelling my name, "I swear to god if you hurt her!" he spoke not finishing his empty threat. My knuckles were throbbing terribly.

"First, I want an explanation," Rouge said then he slapped me, "then I want an apology," another slap, "and lastly, I want you to watch as I slowly torture your boyfriend until he is begging to die," finished with yet another slap.

Seeming oblivious to the sharp pain in my cheek, I yelled and cried, "Don't hurt him! I did it, I slapped you! I should be the one punished, not him, please!" A grin appeared on his face as he turned to Ace and Riz.

"I need a chair and some rope," he ordered, and they scurried off. "This'll only hurt a lot," he said to K.J, pulling his head up by pulling his hair back.

"No! Please," I pleaded, thrashing around in River's hold until he accidentally released me. I leaped onto Rouge, punching him in his back and screaming like a banshee before River could grab me again and slam me into the floor on my stomach. I cried out in pain when he put his knee in the small of my back and held my hands above my head. "Don't you dare hurt him!" I screamed, but it came out distorted since my face was squished on the ground.

I heard the others come back, and I was lifted into a chair, with my hands now behind my back, tied to the chair. I started kicking at anything and everything as they fought to grab my thrashing legs.

"I'll take that explanation and apology now," Rouge said, tauntingly.

"Go to hell!" I spat, still struggling.

"Stop kicking!" River groaned when I connected with his abdomen. He got ahold of one leg so I used the other to kick at his arm, but Ace was quick to reach for it and grabbed it with ease.

A/N: it gets kind of brutal so if you don't like that stuff then just skip to the (**)

I screamed, ignoring the ache in my throat, and cursed as they tied the rope tightly around my ankles and thighs. "Don't do this," I begged Rouge when my throat was too dry to protest anymore.

"You should of thought of the consequences when you punched me," he replied, turning his attention to K.J. His eyes were wide with fear, but I could tell he was trying hard not to show it for my sake.

KJ and I have been bestfriends for six years, every since he moved in next to me. He was three years older than I, but didn't act like it. And although he was attractive, I never thought of him as anything besides a friend.

"I love you," I whispered to him and in return he gave me a weak grin. Rouge cleared his throat and popped him fingers before pulling out a pocketknife. My eyes automatically widened as tears fell and in reflex I shut them tightly.

"Open your eyes, Princess." Rouge said, and I obeyed and looked at his expressionless face. "Everytime you look away or close your eyes, I'll slit his wrist. Got it?" He seemed completely fine with the fact he was about to murder someone. I shakily nodded as my bottom lip trembled.

"You don't have to listen to him, Blakely!" KJ said, his voice strained, "I'll be fine, okay? I love you, too." River stood in my peripheral vision with a smirk on his face.

I lazily pulled on my restraints, but it only ended in rope burns around my wrists. "Rouge, please," I screamed, but by the time I finished that sentence he had already swung his fist in KJ's stomach. He made a grunting noise and let out a tear. "Stop! God, stop!"

Another punch landed on his left cheek, making his head whip to the side. I sat, horrified, as Rouge tortured my childhood friend. With the third punch, resulting in blood to pour from KJ's nearly broken nose, I closed my eyes.

A slap made me open them and Rouge 'tsk'ed. "That was selfish," he pointed out, opening his knife and taking one of KJ's wrists. A deep red, crimson line of blood gushed out his skin and a hiss came from his mouth. The strong metallic smell quickly filled my nostrils, causing me to gag. I watched the blood drip from his wrist to the floor, making a small puddle.

"I'm so sorry," I said inaudibly. My eyesight was blurry from the liquid leaking from them, staining my cheeks. I glanced up at the ceiling, and by this point I was hysterical. KJ's breathing hitched making my attention go back to him; Rouge was carving yet another cut into his skin, right through the first. Another wave of nausea overcame me, making me dry heave.

Seven cuts later, Rouge backed away and River took his place. KJ visibly paled when a pistol was produced. I screamed at the loud, ringing bang that erupted. Blood seeped from KJ's foot as he stared wide-eyed and breathless. Another bang, and KJ started to yell, but it went into a groan. His shoulder blade seeped blood, staining his shirt. The fight KJ was putting up was slowly disappearing as he finally just went limp and sobbed. River stuck two fingers into the gunshot wound, resulting in a blood curdling scream that stopped short in slow, deep breaths.

"End it," he pleaded, his voice thick with pain. Suddenly, Rouge appeared in front of me. His lips were moving, but I couldn't comprehend what he was saying, all I heard was a distant ringing noise. My body felt numb and I hadn't realized I was untied until Rouge pulled me into his arms, bridal style. Before I was whisked out the room, I saw River point the gun at K.J.'s forehead and pull the trigger.


He's dead. It's your fault.
Those two sentences rang in my head as I was carried into the bedroom and laid on the bed. I didn't move a muscle, I couldn't.

"Is she okay?" a distant voice called out, the voice bounced around in my head, echoing. "You sure? Look at her," it said. It sounded far away yet oddly loud. "Dude, I don't think she's alright," it slurred. I felt like screaming or crying or both. My brain hurt, my fingers tingled, and my toes ached. A cold breeze appeared, and I rolled my head to the side, seeing absolutely nothing, but white.

Your fault. Your fault. Your fault. Your fault.
I tried to muster the strength to tell the annoying voice to shut the hell up, but failed miserably. I felt like I was floating and everything about me weighed less than nothing. Then I was plunged into the darkness with those two simple sentences invading my mind. 'He's dead. Your fault.'

Don't hate me, guys.❤

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