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"Olivia" Ezra continued calling, pushing his way through the crowd.

He ran a hand through his sweaty hair. He'd been looking for almost half an hour and still no sign of her. He kept wondering why she would run off like that. She knew better than that. What if someone had kidnapped her? What if she was hurt? All these crazy thoughts kept running through his head. A lot of the carnival's workers were helping him look, but none of them had luck.

"I'm sorry Mr. Fitz." One of the workers came up to him. "Still no sign of her."

He sighed.

"Thanks." He replied, trying to hold back the tears.

"Hey," She placed a hand on his shoulder. "We'll find her."

Ezra gave her a small nod and watched as she walked away. He continued inspecting every part of the carnival as he made his way further back.

"Ezra?" He heard a familiar voice call.

He turned at the sound of Hanna's voice.

"Ezra, what's wrong."She asked noticing the tears in his eyes. "Where's Liv?"

"S-she's missing." He choked out. "She wandered off, I didn't even notice, and now we can't find her."

"What? I'm sorry." Hanna cried. "Come on, I'll help you find her."


"I'll look at the game and food stands, you go near the food stands by the rides."

"Ok. Please call me if you find her."

"I will. You do the same."

Hanna went her way, as Ezra went his. Hanna wanted to call Aria and tell her Olivia was lost, but it wouldn't be the right time for her to see her daughter. She gave Ezra one last glance, before making her way to the game stands.

Ezra was growing more anxious by the minute. He was so thankful he'd run into Hanna, she would be of great help in finding her. He was approaching the salad bar, when he spotted a little girl standing on a bench, next to a women. As he looked more carefully, he noticed it was Olivia. Not caring about anything but his daughter, he sprinted across.

"Olivia." He cried as he reached her.

Aria stood frozen once she realized what was happening. She was seeing Ezra for the first time in four years. Her heart was beating uncontrollably, and she was fighting the tears awaiting to escape.

Ezra took Olivia into his arms and hugged her tightly, not noticing who the women beside them was.

"Don't you ever wander off like that again." He cried into her hair. "You scared Daddy so much."

When Olivia didn't respond, but instead wiggled out of his embrace, it was then he turned and his eyes locked with those he loved so much.

He tried to control his breathing as he was trying to take in what he was seeing. He stared at her intently, actually making sure it was her. He noticed she'd started crying, he wanted to cry too. She was back. She was actually back. He was so grateful she was alive and safe, so many were the times where he thought the worst had happened. But his anger quickly built up inside of him. He gave Aria a very angry and hateful look, causing even more tears to fall from her eyes. He broke eye contact and picked up his daughter.

"Come on Olivia." He told her. "We're going home."

Olivia was very confused. She didn't say anything, just nuzzled into Ezra's neck.

Aria watched as the two loves of her life walked away from her. She never broke eye contact with her daughter. She watched them both go before she could no longer see them. Did Olivia really know she was her mother? Why did she call her Mommy? She would've loved to talk to her more, but Ezra had interrupted their little moment. Ezra. Oh how she missed him. Seeing his face, seeing all of him. She just wanted to kiss him so bad when she saw him, but judging by the look he threw her way, he'd made it clear that he was beyond angry with her. She sat down on the bench, as she started feeling sick. She kicked her foot slightly, when she felt a little clink. She bent down to pick up the shiny chain on the ground. It was the locket she'd given her daughter just a few days before she left.

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