Chapter 10

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"Daddy!" Olivia yelled from the living room. "Come on!"

Ezra laughed softly to himself as he slipped on his shoe. She was always so impatient when she was excited about something, just like, he sighed, just like Aria.

"I'm coming." He stated as he came downstairs.

Olivia ran to him and tugged on his arm.

"Come on"

"Honey, we still need to eat lunch."

"But Daddy! I'm so excited."

"Livs, the carnival isn't going anywhere."

Ever since he could remember, he'd made it a tradition to go to the annual Rosewood Winter carnival every year. Olivia loved it. And now with his teaching job at Hollis just two weeks away, he wanted to enjoy his time with his daughter as much as possible.

"But Dad-"

Ezra gave her a warning look.

"Fine." She huffed as she made her way into the kitchen.

Ezra chuckled at his daughter's behavior and followed after her.

"What do you want for lunch sweetie?"

Olivia didn't reply.

"Is Livey mad?" Ezra asked, taking a seat beside her.

"I just want to go to the carnival now Daddy."

"Hey, we still have time, the carnival is going on all night."

"I'm just so excited."

Ezra laughed.

"I know. I am too, but the sooner we eat, the sooner we'll be there." Ezra smiled. "Now how about some chicken noodle soup?"

Olivia gave him a small smile and nodded.

"That's my girl." Ezra kissed her forehead. "Now why don't you help Daddy?"

Aria really wasn't sure where she was going. She just needed to breathe for a bit. She knew she had to face everyone, tell them why she left, but it scared her. She wasn't ready, not strong enough of what the outcome might be. Emily and Hanna hadn't taken it well at all, so she couldn't even imagine how Ezra and her parents would react. She continued walking along Rosewood's streets, before stopping by The Brew, in desperate need of caffeine. She knew going there was risky, as it was Rosewood's most popular coffee shop, but she was tired of hiding and if she were to run into someone, so be it.

Waiting for her order, she decided to take in her surroundings. She had missed Rosewood so much, despite all the drama she went through as a teen. She loved it, it was where she grew up. It's where she experienced so many wonderful memories, such as meeting Ezra and having Olivia. Her mood dropped as she thought about them too. She could hardly contain herself anymore. Wanting to know what that energetic curly haired, hazel eyed baby girl turned out to be. To hold her close to her and make up for all those years she spent without her. Wanting to see Ezra again, do the same with him. Apologize for leaving abruptly, for giving him full responsibility for their daughter. Aria tried holding back her tears, knowing that it would be so hard to win back their hearts. Her eyes continued to wander, only breaking away when she heard her order being called out. She mumbled a quick "Thanks", before she headed for the door. She froze when she almost bumped into someone.

"Aria." Hanna simply said.

"Um hey." Aria simply said, trying to hold back tears as she recalled her earlier reaction.

Hanna seemed to notice, because she immediately spoke up again.

"Look." She sighed. "I-im sorry about earlier."

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