Chapter 9

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Silence. All encompassing silence. It's a beautiful thing, if you think about it. Unless, of course it's thick with tension. And it surely was. They continued looking at each other, as if they didn't know each other at all. Soon though, those tear filled eyes turned into anger. Aria could tell Hanna was about to explode.

"L-let me explain." Aria cried.

Fury was immediately present in both their eyes.

"Explain what?" Hanna yelled. "Explain the fact that you left your daughter and Ezra? Or explain the fact that you completely disappeared for four years?"

Aria stood there silent.

"I mean goddamnit Aria. How could you do something like that? There was no valid reason for you to leave. How do you think Ezra felt? and what about Olivia?"

Aria started crying yet again. Spencer felt terrible, half of her for Aria, but also for both Hanna and Emily.

"Do you know how much pain you put them through? The struggles Ezra faced as a single dad?"

Hanna wiped away a few tears. Emily, as always, just stood there silent.

"We were so fucking worried Aria. All of us. You made us go through hell while you were off doing who knows what!" She screamed. " How could you just leave like that?"


"No." Hanna sniffled. "I'm not done yet."

Spencer wrapped Aria in a hug, attempting to comfort her.

"You missed out on so much of your daughter's life. She needed you but you were never there for her. Do you know how heartbreaking it was always seeing her ask about her Mommy? But of course you wouldn't fucking care. Who are you? Because the Aria I knew would never abandon anyone."


"Where were you on my wedding day?" Hanna cried. " You were suppose to be there standing next to me. Next to all of us. Where were you when I needed you to guide me when my daughter was born. I needed your advice. I needed you." Hanna broke down.


"I can't believe this." She said wiping away her tears. "And you know what? You should've just stayed away. Because you don't exist to us anymore." Hanna spat. "Just leave and go back to wherever you were."

"Hanna, please."

"No Aria! None of us want you here. Just leave!"

"That's enough" Spencer yelled, seeing Aria breakdown. "Just stop Hanna."

Hanna shook her head.

"And how could you" she pointed at Spencer. "Keep this from us?"

"Because I asked her to." Aria said. "I wasn't ready to face you guys."

"Spencer, I can't believe you would keep this from us. Both of you were once my best friends, but I've learned that I can't trust either of you."


"I'm out of here." Hanna said as she headed towards the door, Emily following behind her.

"Please." Aria sighed. "J-just let me explain." Aria begged as she ran after them. "Please."

All of them were still in tears. They stared intently at each other as Aria stood holding the door open.

"Please." Aria begged again.

Hanna simply stormed off, while Emily gave her a disappointed, tearful look.

"I'm sorry. I can't. I have to go." She said, rushing into Hanna's car.

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