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“Ahhhh! Yeah babyyyy!!! Faster!!!! Uhhhhh!!!” Kristine moaned. “Yeah that’s it baby!!! Uhhhh!!!! I-I’m gonna comeeeeeeeeee!!!”Kristine yelled


“W-what the!? Sh*t panaginip lang pala!”Kristine told herself.

*Knock* *Knock*

“Come in.”sabi ni Kristine

“Good Morning po Ms. Kristine, I’m jonah your new personal assistant/alalay.”jonah told her

“Good Morning din. You can go out now and please tell dad na ipadala na yung brand new car ditto kasi nagamit ko na lahat ng cars ko and all of them are dirty and tawagan mo na rin yung personal cleaner ng mga cars ko okay?” utos na tila nagtatanong na sabi ni Kristine sa alalay niyang si jonah.

“Okay po ma’am.”sabi ni jonah

Pagkataps nun ay lumabas na ng kwarto si jonah




“Hello who’s this?” tanong ni Kristine

Princess, this is  dad, and a news had strucked me. I heard about what you did in school.



“What?” inosenteng tanong ni kristine sa tatay niya

You failed in your exams didn’t you?



“Yeah. Kinda”

I’m not gonna ship the brand new car I bought you until you pass the exam. Next next month there’ll be a 2nd try for those students who didn’t passed the exam and you young lady will have a hired teacher okay? He will help you study your lessons and don’t try to put one finger on him or else!



“What!? I don’t want!!! DAD!!!” Kristine shouted

Kristine Bernadette! This is mom you will have a hired teacher whether you like it or not! Or else I’ll get all your savings in the bank all your cars and have to disown you!

“Have to disown me? My cars? Savings? Mom!!! Please don’t! Okay okay I’m convinced to have a hired teacher.”Kristine said humbly

Okay bye sweetie!!!





“Ms. Kristine someone is waiting for you downstairs, He’s at the receiving area.”sabi ni Jonah


“What’s his name? another suitor? Oh God! Let him out of this house!” utos ni Kristine

“No Ms. He’s the---


“I’m the Hired Teacher that your parents hired for you!” sabi niya sabay abot ng isang calling card kay Kristine

“Okay. When will we start the sessions?” tanong ni Kristine tas nilagay ang calling card sa bulsa na di manlang tinignan.

“I think tomorrow will do.” Sabi ng lalaki.

“Okay tomorrow 5 pm mr.?” sabi ni Kristine

“ Stephen Lord Danly Villaceran and you are?”tanong ni Stephen

“I’m Kristine Bernadette Claveria” sabi ni Kristine

“Okay I’ll leave now.” Sabi ni Stephen.


Pagkaalis nina Stephen at jonah sa kwarto niya ay bigla niyang naalala ang binigay sa kanyang papel.

Pagtingin niya sa papel ay nagulat sa kanyang nakita…


SEX instructor.

Blah blah….

Stephen Lord Danly Villaceran.



“OMG! WHAT!? MY HIRED TEACHER IS A SEX INSTRUCTOR!?” Sigaw ni Kristine sa kwarto niya pero walang nakakarinig dahil sound proof ito.


What do you think guys???

Continue? Or I’ll stop???


Hired Teacher/ Sex InstructorBasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!