Chapter 8

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Toby pulled up into the Hospital's parking lot, Hanna and Caleb pulling up next to them. Toby quickly rushed to Spencer's side rushing her into the Hospital in no time.

"My wife's in labor." Toby breathed heavily. "We called on our way here."

"Name?" The nurse asked, as she ordered a wheelchair.

"Spencer Cavanaugh."

"She's checked in." The nurse smiled.

The wheelchair promptly arrived, and Toby and Spencer made their way into the room, while Hanna and Caleb remained in the waiting room. Time slowly ticked away and in that time, everyone had managed to show up at the hospital. Hanna and Caleb were thrown a million questions, but were unable to answer due to the lack of information they'd received. As everyone sipped on their coffee's, Toby finally came out.

"How is she doing?" They all asked.

"She's alright. She has a long night ahead of her, but they think this baby will end up being a Christmas baby." Toby smiled.

"That's great."

"Yeah, you guys can go in there and see her. I'm gonna make a quick trip to the house to get everything."

"Caleb and I can go." Hanna offered.

"It's fine really. I can do it." Toby replied almost too immediately.

Hanna gave him a questioning look, but shrugged it off as Toby made his way out.

Aria hadn't realized she'd fallen asleep until she heard the front door open.

"Toby?" Aria asked, rubbing her eyes."Where's Spencer?"

Toby smiled as he retrieved the diaper bag from the living room closet.

"She's at the hospital." He sighed. "He's coming."

Aria quickly shot up.

"Toby that's amazing" Aria squealed. "How is she doing?"

"In pain." He laughed. "But she's doing great."

"Wish her the best of luck and tell her I love her."

"Will do."

Aria smiled.

"Keep me updated Ok? I'll be awake all night."

"I will." Toby smiled and after a short silence spoke up. "You're more than welcomed to visit her."

"Thanks, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea."

"Ezra's not there."

"But the girls are. I-i don't want to ruin this moment for you two. If I go, all I will cause will be drama. I want Spencer to enjoy your baby's arrival. Just keep me updated and tell her I wish her the best."

Toby smiled before stepping back out. Aria couldn't believe it. Her best friend was having a baby and she couldn't be with her. As much as she wanted to go, assure her everything would be OK, she knew her arrival would cause all hell to break loose, and she didn't want to ruin this magical moment for her friend. She would have all the days ahead of her to spend with her newborn nephew. She took a seat back at the couch as she anxiously held onto her cellphone.

By the time Toby arrived back at the hospital, it was a little past ten. He went straight into Spencer's room. As time kept on ticking, Spencer pain kept growing. Seeing this, everyone knew it was time for them to go, and after wishing them the best, left.

"Toby, it's time." Spencer cried, not being able to tolerate the pain anymore.

Toby nodded and quickly, Spencer was surrounded by her Doctor and nurses.

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