Chapter 11

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I know you don't like Lucian right now because he is being a jerk or a douche bag to Mia. But of course they need some time to get to know each other well. Its also new to him and he doesn't know much on dealing with Mia. But let's give them a chance.

I know some of you wonder why dont Mia just have a clean deal with the guy without the charade thing. But of course she is also in shock and she just doesnt want Shilo to break if they just tell him the truth.

All his life he knows he got a loving father so... She doesn't want to shock him as much as she and Lucian are shock with the situation.


Chapter 11

"He asked you to move in with him!?!" Carlie shrieked after I told him what Lucian and I talked about. I covered his mouth nervously.

"Will you please be quiet!" I warned him. I waited for him to to nod before I remove my hands off him. Then it was my turn to nod.

"Yeah, but I told him I have to think about it. I don't want to ok! Of course I don't want Shilo to get used to his place then afterwards we are just going to part ways. And hell I never had stayed in a house with a man before!" I exclaimed. Carlie then raised his brows at me and smirk.
I suddenly want to bark of laugh.

"Oh come on. Its a different situation for you Carlie because" I explained with a guilty smile on my face.

"Of course Im different! God just given me a wrong gender. But I am beautiful as any of the women in this world. He said and pose like a model. I laughed again. Then he stopped and looked at me like an idea popped inside his head.

"Well if you'll going to ask me. I would agree with him. It will definitely help Shilo grow. Along the way you can explain to him the situation slowly. That his parents cannot be lovers but still can be friends." Carlie commented. I couldn't agree more.... Yet my heart is pounding...

What about the other side of the bargain.....

"Then bonus part is you will be in bed with a mouth watering hunk! How can you get more luckier than that!" He said excitedly. I rolled my eyes at him

"No no and no! There is no chance that I will lay on the same bed with that guy! Not now not ever!" I declared as I pulled myself up from the bed. Just thinking about it sends shivers to my skin. Carlie raised his brows again to me.

"Don't tell me youre going to camp outside his room?" He inquired full of humor in his eyes.

"Well... I..ah.... a-atleast he should arrange a separate room for me and Shilo of course." I stammered. Its his turn to roll his eyes on me.

"As if he is going to do that."

"What do you mean?" I asked. Trully not knowing what he meant by that.

"Come on Mia,he is just new in the country as far as I could remember he is a bachelor okay, he doesn't need a house nor a pent house that has many rooms in it. Atleast he'll have a master room, a small room and a room converted into an office."

"Well Ill stay in the other room with Shilo."

"Again, as if he will let that happen. In the eyes of Shilo both of you are inlove with each other. Lucian will definitely ask you to share room with him. Shilo then will expect you to be in with his father in one room missing each other...and doin----

"Hold your horses there mister!" I cut him off before he can blurt out the thing or things that I don't want to make way to my mind.

"Oh come on Mia. If other women, let's include myself on that, will have that chance that you have right now, we will give everything just so we can be with that gorgeous guy and sleep with him even just once. It's not everyday a gorgeous guy will ask you to live with him willingly!"

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