Doctor!England x Campanion!Reader

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First off, if you haven't watched Doctor Who, go watch it. Right now. If you don't, this chapter will make no sense. Whatsoever. Enjoy~
You were being chased by... Things.

You had no idea what they were, and neither did anyone else.

They did not speak English at all, but they looked like humans but they're skinless.

They took a few people as hostages but you were able to escape.

Panting, you decided to hide in an alleyway. A few minutes later, you heard a noise coming towards you.

Thinking it was another survivor, you step out, only for it to be another thing.

With a yelp, you jumped back.

It started speaking in its native language and held a whip, or what looked like one.

It raised it and then you heard someone yelling.

Both you and the thing turn your head to see a man.

He had shaggy blonde hair, green eyes, was wearing a bowtie, and was holding a... Toy? It looked like a flashlight, only with a green light at the end.

He was speaking in the same language as the thing that was trying to kill you.

They started going back and forth and you took your chance to run.

Whoever the guy was, he noticed, but the other thing didn't. Your footfalls softly echoed as you ran until you came to a police call box. It was blue and just... Sitting there.

"But these were only around in the fifties..." You reached out to touch it.

"That's the point love."

You jumped around to see him standing there, smiling, and his hands in his pockets.

"This belongs to you?" You asked quizzically.

"Yep, it does." He said with a nod.

"Okay, not only do you own this thing, you were able to talk to that one... Creature, and walk away alive! I want answers." You said stubbornly.

"I'm the Doctor." He said, walking over to the call box.

"Doctor who?" You asked curiously.

"That question never gets old, even though it is the oldest question in all of time and space, but any who, its just the Doctor." He said plainly and opened the door to the box with a key.

"Well love, are you coming?" He asked, motioning inside.

"Why would I go in a small box with you? I get it's probably the end of the world, but I'm not desperate.." You crossed your arms.

"Would you rather deal with Mr. Scary over there?" The Doctor asked while pointing behind you.

You turned around and saw the creature again. "Okay, you convinced me!" You said while pushing inside and watch him close the door again.

You turned around and practically lost your mind.

"B-But.. Out there- smaller- phone box- what?!" You turned to him with a horrified look.

Behind you was a giant engine like room, and you could see hallways that lead to more places.

He just smiled. "One time I had a girl faint at the sight... No matter. Anyway, let's go!" He said as he went past you and started pulling switches and levers and buttons.

"I would hold on if I were you." He says while grabbing onto the railing in front of him.

The box started moving or something and it made you cling to the side.

Soon, it stopped and you went out to see that you were on the other side of London. "What just happened?" You asked frantically.

"You just traveled in the TARDIS which stands for Time and Relative Dimensions In Space. This is a time machine and can take you anywhere you wish to go. Me myself, I'm a Timelord. Last of my kind and skipping around and saving the world. Over 1500 years old." He said as he closes the door.

"Oh my gosh.. You're alien." You covered your mouth. "Well, what are those creatures that are invading us?!"

"Sycorax." He said plainly.

"Syco-what?" You asked, dumbfounded.

"Sycorax. Those skinless humanoids originated on a barren asteroid named the Fire Trap in the JX82 system. Consisting of many warlike tribes, the Sycorax fight with swords, whips, and their own school of magic spells and curses. To survive, these interstellar scavengers ransack other planets." He explained with a nod.

You gave a blank expression. "You just broke my brain..."

"Yeah, I do that a lot." The Doctor said and looked around. "I haven't seen the Sycorax since my 10th regeneration.."

"Your tenth regeneration?" You asked, puzzled

He explained the whole, same doctor, different face, cheating death situation.

"Why me.. What did I do wrong? Have I just gone bonkers? Did that book Judy dropped on my head this morning hit me too hard? Is this a dream?" You asked frantically.

The Doctor rolled his eyes. "No. Now be quiet. You're starting to break my brain, which isn't a good thing if you don't want Earth to die."

Running your hands through your hair you sighed. "I guess I could get accustomed to this.."

The Doctor hummed a bit. "You should be my companion."

"No thanks, I like being single." You turned down.

"No, I mean you should travel with me. We could travel through time and space together. Think about it." He urged.

You huffed a little and considered it. ".. Will it always be this interesting?"

"This is just the tip of the iceberg love. There is so much more out there." He said and pointed up.

You gave a smile. "Why not. My life is boring."

"Well, then let's take care of this alien invasion." He said and held out his hand.

"Let's." You took it and then the both of you started running.
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