Chapter 6

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A few days later, Christmas Eve.

Ezra filled up the two mugs in front of him with the steamy hot chocolate. He let them cool for a while as he brought the cookies out from the oven.

"Daddy it smells yummy." Olivia exclaimed as she ran into the kitchen.

"Careful baby, the hot chocolate is on the counter." Ezra warned.

"Are the cookies ready?"

"Yup. They just need to cool a bit. Why don't you go pick out a movie and I'll bring them out."

"OK." She replied as she ran off.

Ezra finished doing the dishes, getting a head start for the following day. Everyone was coming over for Christmas and he wanted to make sure everything was clean and ready. After drying his hands off, he took the plate of cookies, along with the hot chocolate and headed out into the living room.

"Daddy, I laid out some pillow and blankets for us."

"Thanks princess." Ezra smiled. "So did you choose a movie?"

"No. Can we watch these instead?" Olivia asked, handing him a DVD.

Ezra looked down. It was all of their home videos. He'd recorded them ever since Aria was pregnant, up until now. He wanted to treasure every moment of Olivia's life. Although he didn't really like watching them, since it brought back memories, Olivia loved them and would find every chance possible to watch them.

"Whatever you want." Ezra replied giving her head a kiss.

Ezra put in the DVD and went back next to Olivia. They both sipped on their drinks and nibbled on the warm cookies as the video started.

"This was when you were in Mommy's tummy." Ezra whispered.


"Aria, look at the camera." Ezra said as he walked into the living room where Aria was sitting with her friends.

"Ezra, you know I don't like it when you video tape me."

"I know." Ezra smiled. "But I'm still gonna do it. Girls, look at the camera."

Hanna, Spencer, and Emily all looked and smiled.

"Aria, stand up and show the camera your belly." Hanna said.

"Yeah show off that cute baby bump." Spencer added.

Aria sighed and stood up and rested her hands over her very pregnant belly. She smiled at the camera before sitting back down.

"Now was that so hard?" Ezra laughed.

The girls all giggled. Ezra walked over to Aria and gave her a quick peck before shutting off the camera.

Ezra looked over at Olivia who had a huge smile on her face. He took a drink before gluing his eyes back on the screen.


Ezra walked down from his bedroom into the living room. He smiled as he saw Aria, and in her arms a tiny little pink bundle.

"Hey there Mommy."Ezra smiled.

"Hey Daddy"

"And who do we have here?" Ezra cooed as he focused the camera on his daughter.

"Olivia baby, say 'hi Daddy'." Aria said as she took her tiny hand and waved.

"I love you so much baby girl." Ezra said as he bent down to give her a kiss. "And I love you." He continued as he gave Aria a loving kiss.

"I love you too."

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