cant he leave me alown/ whens she going to learn ch. 13

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I know guys and girls,

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God I'm going to be a dad, and not just any dad, an alpha dad. I can't believe it four pups, god that's going to be fun. I don't want no one knowing yet, what if something happens to them? what if something happens to rose after she has them?

All these thoughts ran through my head when I found out. Nothing seemed to slow down, I couldn't let Rosa out of my sight, she's to vulnerable now. I probably shouldn't say that to her at this point. I don't really want to have to sleep in the bath tub again.

I was ransacking the kitchen for food for Rosa thinking of the future. My future with Rosalinda, could we actually be a family. I don't know how long I was standing there thinking, just that I was there. Taylor came through the door interrupting my idea.

"God man, you won't guess what Jenna's just told me?" I looked at him he seemed happy... really happy.

"What she tell you then?" He must have stood there for about 10 minuets before I asked.

"Jenna's pregnant, the pack doctor's just seen her she should be due in 2 weeks." God what was happening with the pack. Before I cold answer Mitch and Dinex walked in. They looked happy too.

"Guys you wont guess whats happened?" I smiled at them.

"Let me guess Charlotte and Becci are both pregnant too?" They looked at me shocked.

"How do you know?" Taylor started laughing at us all.

"We know because all are mate's are pregnant i'm guessing." We all nodded.

"And there all due in two week's." We all nodded.

"Have they all been checked out by the doc?" that was the first thing that I asked them.

"Yer Becci's having twins." Dinex laughed happily.

"Damn man you got lucky Jenna's having the one." We laughed at Taylor's face.

"Charlotte's only having the one too Taylor your not alone. What about you Sam? How many are you having?" I laughed at him he's the smallest and the youngest but he's defiantly the dumbest.

"I'm not having any Mitch, Rosy is and were having four." They all gasped when I said it, which made me laugh.

"What I don't get is how they are all due on the same date." I hadn't heard the girls walk in but they all looked grumpy.



I woke up to the girls running into my room screaming. I sat up to see them clearly I smiled at them. They were all so excited. They were screaming all random stuff.

"Whoa girls, calm down whats the matter?"I smiled at there happy faces, what had the boys done to make them like this.

"Were pregnant." They all screamed at me.

"So am I!" I heard myself scream.

"Were all due in two weeks." We all screamed together. We all looked at each other and went quiet.

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