An Expectation

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In the end, the spell did not work at all the way Draco had expected. Instead, it exceeded his expectations in every way, though, at first, it seemed it would not work at all.

He'd taken to stalking towards the library almost daily when thoughts of his approaching mission would plaque his mind. Perhaps somewhere among the multitudes of old tomes and other scholarly books, would be the answer to the hundreds of questions he was unable to ask others. To ask for answers would be taken as a weakness, and any weakness accidentally shown to Death Eaters and their acquaintances was the same as revealing a pulsing jugular to hungry wolves. To the others, it did not matter that Draco was the son of a well known Death Eater. A Death Eater that had once held a place of honor among the Dark Lord's inner circle. No, if anything, it only seemed to make them more eager to catch the first glimpse of failure.

Already bets had been placed on how long he'd last in this newly exposed and dangerous world. Why give them more ammunition by asking for help?

His mother's heart had already been broken upon the news of his mission. There was no need to ask why he had been chosen. For his father's lacking obedience when it came to the Dark Lord's orders, Draco had been chosen to kill the second most powerful wizard of all time.

The only blessed reassurance Draco had left, and one he constantly brought up to himself in times of doubt...was this: Dumbledore was only the second most powerful.

Unlike those foolish enough to follow Dumbledore's ways of thinking, Draco was on a path that would lead him to be at the right side of the Dark Lord. The most powerful Wizard of all time, one who had defeated death itself several times, if what Draco's father said was true...and he was not one to doubt his father's words. Though it would most certainly prove to be a challenge, Draco would have help, for surely the Dark Lord did not want him to fail.

There were also whispers of his mother going to great lengths to also provide him assistance. However, Draco was not so ready to accept that help...he was no where near ready to believe that he would need it.

After several days of putting off the research he would have to seek out, the overwhelming urge for him to quickly find an easy solution came to him while watching clouds float by his bedroom window. It was easy to be lazy when no one was around to convince him to do otherwise, but now was not that time. He had been given a task, and as much as Draco hated it, it was in his best interests to complete that task in as quick a fashion as possible all the while protecting his own rump.

There had to be something that would help him to achieve his task, some spell, a long forgotten curse that would kill that old coot without Draco being too heavily involved. He could commit a murder the old fashioned way, a bit of poison slipped into a drink, some powdered hemlock stirred into his morning oatmeal. Even though, it was not exactly what Draco originally had in mind.

He had wanted to look into Dumbledore's eyes when he killed him. He would be the last person to look upon the live face of Albus Dumbledore, and he would see something that few, if any, had ever seen in the man's face. Fear.

Draco was not even sure if the Dark Lord in all his power had seen Dumbledore scared.

It would be the moment that his life has thus been based around. Until then, he'd been treated as a boy, as the son of a powerful man...but after he killed Dumbledore, he would be looked upon as a powerful man in his own might.

Then he would take his place beside the Dark Lord. His father had done the same a long time ago, but Draco had the chance to be far more powerful than his father ever had...especially considering how recent events had cast his father into the Dark Lord's bad graces.

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