Chapter 4

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"Livey, breakfast is ready!" Ezra called from downstairs.

He glanced over at the time and noticed it was only eight. Why he was up when he could be sleeping in? He didn't get, but with a very energetic five year old in the house, it was impossible to sleep in. Within seconds, he heard tiny footsteps making their way down and soon into the kitchen.

"Good Morning Daddy" Olivia greeted Ezra with a hug.

Ezra picked her up and placed her on the counter.

"Morning pumpkin."

"So what did you make?"


"Chocolate?" She asked excitedly.

"Only for you." He replied. "And after breakfast, Daddy has a surprise for you."

"Really?" Her eyes grew wide. "What is it?"

"Well If I told you it would ruin it. Now come on, lets go eat before the pancakes get cold."

He set her back down.

"Can you get the orange juice from the fridge?"

"Ok Daddy."

After Aria had left, he'd had to learn how to cook and pretty much become both a mother and a father for Olivia. Not that he minded, he loved his daughter more than life itself and would do anything and everything to make her happy. She was a spoiled little girl and had him wrapped around her finger. She had the same affect her mother did. That's what made it impossible to try and get over Aria. Olivia was exactly like her.

"Daddy, what are you thinking about?" Olivia asked, noticing he was quiet.

"Nothing." He replied taking a drink. "You know, it's Christmas in five days, anything special you're gonna ask Santa for this year?"

He watched as his daughter thought about this for a while.

"I'm asking Santa to bring Mommy back."

Hearing this caused Ezra to choke on his pancakes.


"I want Mommy back. She's been gone too long."

"Sweetie, I told you so many times, sadly Mommy can't come back. She really busy."

"But Daddy, Santa can do anything. I know it."

Ezra watched as her eyes grew with hope. She'd never seen her so hopeful, so happy, talking about Aria. He didn't want to ruin this for her so he just returned a small smile.

"Ok sweetie. Now finish up, and then I can tell you about your surprise."

Olivia obliged and soon they finished breakfast. They both got dressed and ready. Olivia came running back down the stairs just as Ezra was tying his shoes.

"Livs, how many times do I have to tell you not to run?" Ezra asked

"Sorry. I'm just so excited."

"Come here." Ezra reached for her and set her on his lap. "Are you ready to know what your surprise is?"

Olivia nodded.

"Daddy's taking you to the zoo."

"I love the zoo." She squealed.

"I know sweetie." Ezra laughed. "Now come on."

On their way to the zoo, Ezra decided to stop by the Brew, as he would definitely be needing all the caffeine he could get.

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