Ch.1//A New Beginning

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So, this is the first story that i have written. I'd really appreciate all your comments and advice. This story hasn't been edited and there might be some grammar problems. I hope you guys enjoy this story. I am really not the best writer and since this is my first story it might not be good but i still hope you like it.


Betrayed. That's what I feel like. Today I found out that my ex, who I thought I loved, was getting married with the girl I thought was my best friend. I mean I practically paid for her uni but it turns out she's a backstabbing bitch.

I am a pretty rational girl. If they were in love I would have supported them since you really can't choose who you fall in live with.

But no.

They are only doing this to hurt me. Michael, my ex, is still hurt because when he proposed to me 6 months ago I said no. I thought I loved him, but when he proposed I realized that I couldn't see myself having a life with him.

Sure he was handsome. Blonde hair, green eyes.....wealthy and from a good family. That couldn't compare to my average looks. I had dark brown hair and slightly pale blue eyes and pale skin. And my family isn't as rich as his parents are.

But sometimes there's more to love than that.

There needs to be a spark. An unknown feeling of safety, Even if they don't show it.

With Michael I didn't feel any of those things. I tried to love him and feel loved by him, but that's hard when he's using you to impress his friends.

I met Michael at a book signing.

Back then I was 20 years old, and he was 23. We met at a book signing in a book store in downtown London. The store was pretty popular and I decided to hold the signing there since I myself buy books there.

You see I am a writer. I started writing since a very young age and got my first book published when I was 18. But still I went to University, Oxford to be exact, and graduated at age 20. My mom was very proud of me, and I know that dad would have been too.

So back to Michael. He was taking his 12 year old niece to a book signing to one of my books Mayhem, which is about a fallen angel. Long story short, we met there and started talking, went on a couple of dates, then dated for about a year.

Then everything changed after he proposed.


6 months ago

I entered the classy restaurant.
Michael called me earlier that day. He said he had something really important to ask me.

Maybe it has something to do with a trip. I thought.

Michael likes going on trips, such as going to islands or some private and expensive beach.

Personally, I like going to places with a little bit more of culture. Some place like France, which I have gone to 4 times. For work, but still. A place i'd really like to visit would be Italy but, lately I haven't had a chance to do so since I have to juggle a boyfriend and my writing career.

So back to the present. As I entered the restaurant I admired the details of the restaurant. The furniture had a sort of vintage look that looked well with the red wallpaper of the walls. And the gold accents of the small chandeliers above the tables really made the place look as if you'd stepped on another time period. Personally this type of restaurants aren't really my type, but considering the guy I am dating, I suppose I have to get used to it.

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