Chapter Eleven

Venice's POV

when i woke up. wala na ulit si Lance.

its been two weeks since that hospital incident. and two weeks too since he started sleeping in the guestroom.

i wanted to apologize but he keeps on avoiding me. makasalubong ko lang sya nagmamadali na syang umalis.

tumayo na ko saka naligo at nagbrush. wala ako sa mood umalis ngayon eh.

i went on the entertainment room.

naghahanap sana ko ng mapapanuod na movie nung may masagi ako.

inayos ko isa isa sa rack yung nasagi kong cds.

then i saw it.

our wedding video.

i got numb.

i dont know what gotten into me. i played the video.

there i can see my happy face. while they're putting make up on my face.

and Lance's Face flashed on the Tv. he was holding his phone and talking to someone.

he smiled.

then the wedding.

and the exchanged of vows

"I Love You Georgina Venice. i promise to honor you and support you in every way that i can. i promise to love you everyday of forever. in times that we're together and also when we're apart. i love you Love. and i will always love you. and no matter what comes between us. always remember that i will keep on loving you. even if you forget how to love me. i wont grew tired reminding until you find your way back to my arms. i love you so much Love. i, myself, cant even imagine how much." he smiled at me. he swallowed like there's a lump in his throat.

i can see my tears falling on the video.

i before i knew it. my tears are falling too. right now.

"i love you Lawrence Angelo." i sniffed on the video "i promise to trust you and be with you everyday. to cook for you everytime you got home from a tiring day at work. to massage you and lighten up your mood. be your bestfriend. your wife. your sister. even your best buddy. i love you so much Love. i maybe young but i know my Love for you is real. its always there and it will never fade. i love you so much Love." i can see Lance smilling at the same time wiping his tears.

i stopped the video. and hugged my legs as i keep on crying.

shouldn't have played that video.

coz what i did just opened those painful memories that i've been trying to bury for the last 5 years.


(a/n: the next events will be Venice's flashback of what happened 5 years ago.)

"Venice will you go later?" anton snapped infront of me. now he got my attention.

"where to?" i asked.

"Eastwood girl. club hopping!" he even rolled his eyes. natawa tuloy si Alexis.

"i dont know. di pa ko nag papaalam eh." i smiled. he pouted.

"me too. di pa ko nag papaalam." nginitian ko si Alexis. nagkakasundo talaga kami sa ganto. haha

"i'm sneaking out!" sammy said while entering the classroom with tiffany and andrea.

"me too!" tiffany sat beside me. sammy sat on the table chair.

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