twenty eight - louis

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twenty eight – louis

                "Just to let you know, we will be packing up and moving in two days," Liam told him once he came to find him in his room. Louis was sitting on bed, bandages wrapped around his palms and left eye to make him recover quicker from the bruises. "It's time for the circus to find another place to settle in. You'll be coming with us, aren't you?" 

                 "Definitely." Louis could simply not imagine his life without his circus now. It had become a part of him, and even if he cringed at the memory of the incidents that he had witnessed in this God-forsaken-circus, Harry was the anchor that kept him tied to this shore, he was the person who had captured his heart and was the one whom he needed to protect, love and cherish.

               "Good then, start packing up your stuff. We have one last show tonight and we will be leaving tomorrow night, don't forget anything you wish to keep." With these words, he was out of Louis' room, leaving the man to wait until his wounds healed.

               That bastard, Louis thought, how dare he insult my little one like that? He simply could not control himself when he lunged at Niall, furious with his behavior towards Harry, who was an excellent performer and whom everyone seemed to target these days. His Harry, his innocent, precious little gem, such an insecure and tormented soul – the poor boy had gone through so much, was even forced to kill his own father, how could he possibly be in a stable mental state? Louis was willing to help the love of his life to become stable for the rest of his existence.

                 Just then, Harry barged into his room, "Louis!" he yelled, quickly kneeling on the side of the bed and pushing his face on his lap, letting Louis pet his hair like a kitten.

                "Princess?" Louis cooed, but the only thing that came from Harry's was a wailing cry, "What's wrong?"

                "I need to tell you something," the boy whispered, curling up against Louis' legs as if he was trying to appear smaller.

               "You know you can tell me everything, poppet, I'm always hear to listen."

                "You – I – I don't think you want to know, Louis." It had become almost uncommon for Harry to call Louis by his name, always opting to use 'Daddy', since it made him feel secure and safe, and mostly because their hands were up each other's bums most of the day. Hearing Harry calling him by his name made him realize just how serious the situation could be.

               "I do, now please tell me, sweet pea."

               Harry took a deep breath, "I – I always wanted to be pretty," he stuttered, tears already leaving his eyes.

             "But you are pretty my dear – "

             "Let me fucking finish," Harry growled, and Louis would have normally spanked the attitude out of him but he understood that he should keep quiet, "Once, once I was alone, I – I had to, to do something, I was hungry Louis, so, so hungry, even hungrier than I was at home, and – and I had no money," he paused for a moment, "And – and one day, some men came up to me and told me that they would give me money, so, so much money, enough money to have food for a week! The – the only thing that I had to do was, was to give, to give myself to them, because – because I was a 'pretty boy'. They, they gave me money to eat because I was pretty!"

                Louis could hear Harry's unsteady breathing as he paused during his speech, his pants dampening because of his tears, "You-you have to be pretty to get nice things, Louis. It's, it's just how it works."

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