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"And with words unspoken, a silent devotion, I know you know what I mean. The end is unknown, but I think I'm ready, as long as you're with me"

Izi's POV

"You're so, so beautiful.." He whispered, brushing the hair out of my face. He lay me down on the bed and my legs wrapped around his waist as he kissed me. His fingers traveled ever so slowly from my hip to my waist, bringing my shirt up with them as he held me tight.

"I'm so lucky, I'm so fucking lucky.." he breathed in my ear, leaning down to place light kisses all the way down my neck. His right hand followed his mouth, ghosting gently over my skin. His other hand moved to undo the buttons of my shirt. I sat up slowly, letting it fall off my shoulders as I reached for the hem of his tshirt, barely breaking eye contact as he slowly discarded the white material.

"Are you sure?" his voice was barely above a whisper and I nodded. He reached around and undid my lace bra, throwing it somewhere behind me as he lay me back down. His eyes traced over my body, his thumb moving across my chest to touch the piercing that ran through my right nipple. I sucked in a breath as his cold fingers connected with my skin. He was so gentle and loving, his touch igniting a fire within me. His mouth joined mine again, one of his large hands cupping my boob, the other laying above us, playing with my hair. I moaned softly into our kiss, feeling him harden at the sound, pressing his crotch against mine for friction. His hand traveled down from my chest and over my stomach, stopping to toy with the hem of my shorts. I nodded slowly and he continued, slipping his hand inside my black panties, his finger ghosting over my clit. I reached up and put my hands on his face, pulling him deeper into our kiss as he continued. I bit down gently on his bottom lip as he rubbed slow circles on my clit with his index and middle fingers. He cleverly separated my folds and slowly pushed his middle finger inside me. My lips parted from his as my head relaxed back into the mattress. He immediately connected them to my neck, placing small kisses all around as he worked his finger inside me. He sucked a hickey into my skin, pushing another finger inside me and curling them upwards. The movements of his fingers didn't stop as his lips trailed down my body, his tongue flicking over each of my nipples as he made his way down to where I was craving him. He slowly hooked his fingers around the waistband of my shorts, pulling them down my legs along with my panties. He discarded them at the end of the bed as I watched his mouth align with my slit, he looked up at me from under his dark lashes for a split second before he took a small lick to my clit. I threw my head back, my hand instinctively moving to run through his long hair as he worked his tongue around me. His fingers kept curling upwards inside me as he flicked his tongue over my clit. My back arched off the bed and he used his other hand to pin my hips down. I was going to come, I'd never felt this kind of ecstasy before, I was delirious. He curled his fingers up one more time and I lost it, one hand gripping the bed sheets, the other one tangled in his hair. My legs clasped around his head, but he gently pushed them apart, still working me slowly as I came down from my high. My breathing was heavy and I was dizzy as he crawled back up my body, connecting his lips to mine again. I could taste myself on his tongue and I was drunk on it. On him. He held my hips and rolled me over so I was sitting on top of him. His fingers slowly ran up and down my back as we kissed..

Harry's POV

Her lips parted with mine, and I let out a soft whine at the lack of contact.

"I'm the lucky one. God, you're so fucking special.." She whispered in my ear, kissing my neck just below it. She darted her tongue out slightly and left soft kisses all down my neck, stopping to let her fingers run over my collarbones, leaning down to gently suck a love bite into my left one. Her hands traced over the swallow tattoos that adorned my chest. She shuffled back so she was sitting on my thighs, her hands running down my body, over the butterfly tattoo that sat on my stomach before reaching the button of my jeans. My head lolled back and I closed my eyes as she pulled the zipper down tantalizingly slow, her finger skimming over my dick as she did it. Her small hands caught the waistband of my jeans and I lifted my hips so she could pull them down my long legs, my boxers coming off with them. She perched herself in between my legs, her hand reaching up and wrapping around my already painfully hard dick. I sucked in a breath as she leant down and licked a strip from my base to my tip, before taking all of me in her mouth. My hand instantly went to cup her cheek as she bobbed her head up and down. I felt like I was going to pass out, nothing had ever felt this good. No one had ever made me feel this good. Her hand softly caressed my balls and I propped myself up on my elbows so I could watch her. She swirled her tongue around my tip and looked up at me from underneath her lashes. Her blue eyes pierced into mine and I felt like I could have come right then and there. I gently moved her head off me and pulled her up, rolling over so I was above her once again.

"I want to be inside you when I come.." I whispered and she nodded slowly. I ran my hand down her body before I wrapped it around my dick, lining it up with her entrance.

"You're so beautiful. So, so beautiful baby.." My lips captured hers as I slowly pushed myself into her. Her lips moving from mine as she drew in a breath. I rested my forehead against hers as I waited for her to adjust to me. She nodded and I pulled out of her, pushing slowly back in. Her mouth fell open slightly and I took the opportunity to press my lips against hers again. I connected our fingers above her head, holding on tight as I continued to thrust into her. Her hand moved up to tangle in my hair and I ran mine up and down her side. This wasn't like any other sexual encounter I'd had. This meant something. This was passion. This, was love. Our lips didn't separate as I rolled her over, resting my hands on her waist as she sat on top of me. She slowly moved her hips in a figure eight, earning a low moan from me. Her hands were on my face, her thumb slowly brushing over my cheekbone. This was pure heroine, I never wanted it to stop. The feeling of having her wrapped around me was unbelievable. I was drunk on her. My hands slid from her waist and over her ass to grab the back of her thighs. I swung my legs off the bed, standing up as I held her. Our lips parted for a moment as she looked into my eyes, biting her lip. I walked across the hotel room to the chair placed in the corner, sitting down on it, her legs placed either side of mine. I tangled one hand in her hair, the other tightly gripping her hip as she rode me. Her hand clasped my bicep, holding herself up as we moved together. Our lips connected again with a passion that I was sure I would never feel with anyone else. My hand slid down her hip to cup her ass, guiding her up and down. My hips moved up to meet hers as we quickened our pace. She pulled her lips from me again and dropped her head to my shoulder.

"I'm gonna come.." She breathed in my ear and I sped up the movement of my hips.

"Look at me.." I whispered to her. She lifted her head from my shoulder and rested our foreheads together. Her bright blue eyes were dark from lust and I didn't know how much longer I could last. I felt her start to clench around me and I held her tightly.

"Go baby, let go.. come for me.." I breathed, reconnecting our lips. She moaned into my mouth, her fingernails digging into my arm.

"Ohhh, Harry.." She whimpered as her second orgasm for the night washed over her. My name falling from her lips had me giving her a few more sloppy thrusts before I came inside her with a long, deep moan.

"God, you're amazing. You're so, so amazing." I breathed into her ear as we rode out our orgasms. Our movements stilled after a while as we caught our breath. My head lifted to capture her lips in a lazy kiss. I don't know how long we stayed like that, my hands running up and down her back while we kissed but I didn't care, I could have stayed like that forever.

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