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The first Saturday of the Summer was the graduation party the gang and I had planned. A day at the lake, and later on, a bonfire. After that they were gonna spend the night, so I was pretty excited.

I was barely even awake when I felt someone breathing on me. But as soon as I felt a pair of lips on mine I was wide awake.

"Well good morning to you too." I mumbled.

"Good morning. The rest of the gang is already on their way and I put your clothes together for the day so that you could sleep in. Now wake up and get dressed, I'm making you breakfast." Alex said in an effort to wake me up.

"Thanks Babe," I said getting out of bed. "You're the best."

"I know I am." He replied walking out of the room.

Have I mentioned that my boyfriend is the best?

Alex had picked out my favorite bright flaming red bikini top with the matching navy blue swim shorts - I refuse to wear bikini bottoms - my class of 2015 tshirt and a pair of Jean shorts to go over them. He also added both of our favorite beanie and a bunch of band bracelets. I slid them on, noticing how well Alex knows me. I loved the outfit.

I walked out to the table to find my favorite Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl out and ready to eat. I heard Alex singing Angel Eyes with Love And Theft. He sounded really into the song.


I tiptoed over to him and hugged him from behind. He tensed, and then relaxed.

"You smell good." I mumbled into his back. "I think the next time I'm at your house I'm gonna have to steal one of your sweatshirts."

"That's not fair. If I can't steal your beauty then you can't steal my good smelling jacket." He answered turning around to hug me.

"NO PDA!" Gabby yelled walking in with Ray and Tal.

"White on rice Gabby..." I warned, not taking my head off Alex's chest.

"Truce." She said laughing.

"Okay well I call decorating outside with Gabby." Ray said.

"I call Sar Bear!" Tal exclaimed.

"But I wanted Sar Bear." Alex whined.

I went up to him and whispered saying,

"We're gonna get plenty of time alone before the end of the day Babe..."

He didn't say anything, but the look on his face was priceless. I giggled as I walked away with Tal to start filling up the balloons while I ate my breakfast. I'm a horrible girlfriend.

"So I heard you went back to the school yesterday." Tal mentioned as we blew the balloons up.

"Yeah. I never got to give Mr. K a proper thanks and goodbye." I replied. "I also never got a chance to invite him to the party today so I did that too."

"And is he coming?"

"He said he was gonna try."

"Cool. So how're you and Alex doing?" She asked.

"Great," I started. "He's been such a gentleman. He was over here before I was even awake so he made me breakfast and got my outfit ready for the day. It was really sweet." I answered smiling.

"Aww. Well in that case I'm happy that he's going with you next year. You'll have your knight in shining armor with you."

"Yeah. That's a positive I guess." I replied. And in an attempt to change the subject I added, "So anyways what time is the Cap. getting here?"

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