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Percy and Annabeth: One Last Thing

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angst percy and annabeth one shot. read at your risk.

Annabeth wasn't going to make it. The prophecy said so itself. It wasn't like the labyrinth where there was a twist. The prophecy literally screamed her name, shouting at her that she would die. Annabeth just hoped that she'd die by the side of Percy. Fighting with him. Not against him. She didn't want to be Gaea's pawn. Anything but hers. 

Percy knew that she wouldn't make it too. He hoped Hestia had kept hope safely in Pandora's box. He just really hoped that he wouldn't give up on hope. Maybe it'd be someone else called Annabeth that would die, and who so happened to be a heroine of Olympus and that she was the only daughter of Athena that got back the Parthenos. But he knew. He knew she would die eventually. Somewhere near the doors of death. 

"Percy," Annabeth spoke.


She didn't continue, she just shook her head and continued walking towards her death. 

"Could we delay death? Just stay in Tartarus longer. Anything but you dying." He had finally found his voice.

"Not if you want to see your mother again."

Sally or Annabeth. It was like asking the hardest question in your life. Best friend or partner, good grades or social life. He really didn't know.


"Percy! Annabeth! We're here!" He could hear Leo's voice from the doors of death. 

After travelling for almost a month in Tartarus, they were a wreck.

Fallen heroes had 'visited' them. Taunting them, making Percy feel weak. That it was all his fault they died. He didn't even remember a few of their names, but they died. For him. He felt it was his fault. It definitely was his fault they had died in the first war. Percy Jackson had lost his mind. He became emotionally detached. He even had trouble talking to Annabeth. But she too was losing her mind. She was constantly remembering the past. Luke and Thalia mainly. 

The tough monsters they had to fight, and they were finally at the doors of death. They had to close it. And it would be the last time Percy would ever get to see Annabeth.

"Kiss for good luck?" He reminded her.

She didn't complain this time. They kissed just like that. It was a really sad and long kiss, but were interrupted by Hedge. He only stopped them when he felt it was going to take forever. And Percy would've stayed kissing Annabeth forever. Better than her dying of course.

"Go! The prophecy stated that I'd be the one closing it. You've got something major to do, Seaweed Brain."

"No. We're doing it together."

This time, Annabeth did not oblige. She pushed Percy through the doors of death.

Jason and Frank had to both hold Percy down. Piper had to charmspeak him, but to no avail. Leo even had to take out his hammer to whack him a little. They all watched Annabeth closing the doors. Including Nico and Hazel, who were desperately trying to help.

"Just one last thing for me, Seaweed Brain," she whispered.

Percy was undoubtedly crying his eyes out. He was fighting with his friends just to go back into Tartarus to be with Annabeth. 

"Miss me. That's all."

"How-how can I just miss you? I'd travel to Hades and ask him. Who am I kidding, I wouldn't be alive without you."

Monsters were approaching again. They had just defeated thousands outside, and now were taking form in Tartarus. 

Annabeth was almost shutting the doors when a monster struck her. It was a really tiny one, almost like a spider. Arachne had her revenge on Annabeth.

No one had seen that coming. Nico had immediately entered Tartarus to shut the doors. And he too, was gone. 

Percy felt like his whole world had died. And just like that, he had solemnly swore that he would take revenge on Gaea. For Annabeth.

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