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#2. Lets go on an Adventure But first Food

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Killua's POV

After (y/n) unlocked her apartment door, I hauled in the rest of her groceries.

"Thanks again for helping." she said.

"Like I said, don't mention it" I replied. "You don't have to thank me because we are friends now."

She smiled. "Okay" she cheered.
"Want something to eat?" She offered.

"As tempting as that sounds, I got to go back to the hotel. Alluka and Gon are waiting." I said as I walked towards the door.

"Ok." she said. "I'll see you around." and then waved good bye.

I was about to walk out the door but I stopped. "It feels like I'm forgetting something." I muttered to no one in particular. I glanced back at (y/n). "I bet it's nothing" and then walked out the door.

I was just outside her apartment when i heard (y/n) calling me.

"WAIT!!" She yelled. She came out running toward with me with a few bags in her hands. "You forgot your cakes." she said.

"Oh, I knew I was forgetting something." I said taking the cakes from her. (y/n) smiled and was about to walk away.

"Hey." I said to her. the (h/c) haired girl turned around and looked at me waiting for me to say something else. "We are going to the park tomorrow. Wanna come?" I asked.

"Sure" she answered calmly. "what time?"

"Twelve o'clock"

"Ok, I'll buy you all lunch."

"No, you don't have to-"

"But I want to. I owe you one" she smiled and walked inside of the building.

Time Skip (^^)=3=3=3

"Killua, where have you been?!" Gon said.

"I was starting to get worried." said Alluka.

I hugged my little sister to comfort her. "don't worry I'm fine." I reassured. "I just went out to get a myself a snack."

"You mean your gonna eat all five cakes by yourself." Gon asked with a shocked expression. "Without sharing?"

"Of course not! One of the cakes are for Alluka. The rest are mine." I stated.

"But what about me?" Gon whined.

"Don't worry Gon, I'll give you some of mine" Alluka said. She was always so nice to everybody.

Time Skip (^^)=3=3=3

Your POV

The sun shone on my face waking me up. I squinted at the bright sun and then quickly hid under my covers. All I felt like doing was sleep. I glanced at my clock and practically fell out my bed.

"SH*T" I muttered. It was already 11:45. "I gotta get ready to meet Killua!" I stumbled to my closet.
"What am I going to wear."

I picked some dark denim shorts that went down to mid thigh and simple (f/c) hoodie. I brushed my (h/l), (h/c) hair and put on some simple tennis shoes. By the time I was satisfied with my look it was already 11:56.

'I should probably go now but I haven't had breakfast.' I thought to myself. 'Oh well, I'll just bring a snack to go. We are gonna have lunch anyway." I grabbed a full package of marshmallows, shoved it in my bag and walked out the door.

When I got to the park it was noon exactly, but the others were already there. "Yo, Killua." I waved at them.

He walked towards me with a little girl with long brown hair who i assumed was Alluka and a boy with spiky raven hair about our age and I assumed that was Gon.

"He-"before Killua could finish the raven haired boy eagerly introduced himself.

"I'm Gon" the spikey haired boy beemed. "You must be (y/n)."

"I'm Alluka." Chimed the little girl. "Oniee chan told us a lot about you." She smiled.

"Nice to meet you." I said with a small laugh. "Killua told me all about you." I returned the smile.

"Well now that we all know each other" Killua said. "Where will you take us for lunch."

"Huh?" I said dumbfounded.

"I didn't think you would forget so easily" Killua said with a sigh.

"Just kidding" I smiled. 'I totally forgot' As I remembered my promise last night. "There is this.. um.. really great cafe that opened up last week."

Killua rested his hands behind his neck and chuckled. "Ok then lead the way!"

We opened the door to the small cafe and heres the small chime of the bell. the cafe was buzzing with conversations and was a bit crowded.

"Hey (y/n) you brought some new friends today?" Said a familiar voice.

"Hey your the guy from the bakery!" said Killua. "(Y/n), you know this guy?"

"Yeah" I said. "This is Kyon. He works at five different shops so I see him often. He was also my first friend when I moved here."

"Wow mister, you do a lot of work" Alluka said amazed.

"Thank you" Kyon smiled. "But it's nothing really. I'll get you guys a seat."

Kyon took our oders and we chatted as we waited for our food. Gon and Killua kept telling jokes and stories while Alluka and I listened eagerly. We got really excited when our food came.
It was all so delicious. Gon ordered a hamburger with some coke and Killua shared a cake and a chocolate milkshake with Alluka. Since I didn't bring a lot of money I simply ordered some fries and a root beer float.

After eating, the four of us walked through the park. I even gave them a tour of the town making sure to show them the best restaurants and cafes.

"Thanks for showing us around (y/n) chan." said Alluka.

"Thanks for the lunch too." Killua added.

"Oh it was nothing really." I said smiling. "nothing ever happens around here so I'm glad to meet you guys. Do you wanna meet up again tomorrow?"

"We were actually going to check out tomorrow." Gon said. "We are going to see our friends."

"Oh..." I said surprised. "Your leaving?" I was a bit hurt.

"Yeah but we can meet up some other time!" Alluka cheered.

"I guess so" I said softly. I picked up Alluka and brought her into a hug "but I just got to meet you" I complained childishly. "Oh well, I guess i have to go back to being bored."

"Well why don't you come with us?" Killua offered.

"Really? you don't mind?" I questioned.
My eyes lit up and I smiled from cheek to cheek.

"Yay (y/n) is gonna come with us!!!" Gon and Alluka cheered.

"Then it's Settled then!" I announced. "But before we leave we are gonna feast at my house!!" Before they could refuse my offer i started to walk home. "See you guys then!!!" I said glancing back at my new friends. They all waved goodbye and I walked home.

When I got home I was already hungry again and the first thing I did was have my own little junk food feast. I pigged out on marshmallows, chips and soda. After I was satisfied I called Kyon.

You: Hey, Kyon?

Kyon: Hey (Y/n)! What's up?

You: I'm gonna be leaving for a while and I was wondering if you could watch over my apartment.

Kyon: Huh?! Your leaving me?

AN: Hello you beautiful creatures!! Thanks to the all the people that actually read this. Hope you enjoy it! Make sure h give me some feed back and all that good stuff!

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