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Request by, another chinggu, Hanyi.

Hanyi pov...

I was walking back to my house. I came to Korea a month ago. There's something happen so I have to move to here, and I sure miss that place. I'm from Malaysia but I'm a Chinese my name is Hanyi(韩亦). When I first come to here I don't even know a single Korean. Until now I finally can have a normal conversation with a Korean.

Ahh... Korea sure is cold. Malaysia? I'm gonna melt at there.

I was infront of my house and taking my keys out. And when I'm about to get in someone pushed me inside, covering my mouth. As soin as he let go of me and shut the door I shouted.

"Yah! Who the hell are you!? Why are you in my house?!" I now can clearly see his face, wait... He doesn't look like a thieves nor pervert. He has neon pink hair and he look pretty cute. But he's sweating. Did he run?

"I'm woozi, and sorry for doing this. In hiding from some saesang." He said, panting. Saesang? Is he some kind of idol?

"Saesang? You're an idol?" I asked. He sure look like one, because if the hair. But who knows, is Korea, many people dye those colours.

"Ya, I just debuted." Just debuted and he already have saesang?! Wow!

"Okay... But how long are you gonna stay here?"

"Not long, until the saesang is gone." Then after that we gone silent. He is still infront of the door.

"Why don't you sit down? I'll go prepare some coffee."I say pointing the kitchen.

He nodded." Thanks." And he sat down at the sofa.

I went to the kitchen and makes some coffee for both of us. I came out from the kitchen and saw him roaming around the living room.

I placed the coffee on the table and walk to him.

"You go Malaysia often?" He asked

"Huh? Why do you ask?" I look at the frame that he's holding. Is a picture that I took in Malaysia with my other friends.

"Because all of the picture you have here is at Malaysia." He putted the frame back to where it belongs.

"I'm a Malaysia Chinese. I born in Malaysia. I just came here a month ago." I said and his eyes widened.

"Wow, in that case your Korean is good." He smiled and so am I. He's pretty sweet.

"Thanks..." I starched the back of my neck." The coffee is ready."

We sat down at the sofa.

"Uhm... May I know your name?" He ask and I realize u haven't told him my name.

"My name is Hanyi. Nice to meet you." I reached out my hand for a hand shake and he gladly took it.

"Nice to meet you too, Hanyi." He smile again. And I realize I'm staring at him for awhile he's handsome...

After that day woozi come to visit me often. We became best friends. We have no secret and I found out he's from an idol group name' seventeen'. The're awesome. And I realize that I'm falling for him.

It's been two month since me and Woozi became friends. And today he visited me again.

"Yi ah, let's go out today. I haven't go out with you yet." He said as he do some aegyo, I have to admit that It's very cute.

"But what if some saesang or paparazzi sees us. They'll mistaken us." I said not looking at him but keep scrooling my phone.

"I don't care... Please? Yi ah? I want to go out with you so bad." I guess I'm blushing? Because of what he says. I stop what I'm doing and look at him.

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