58 - Love In My Blood (part 4)

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I would like to take a moment to say that as a 100 % Barça girl , Iker Casillas gave everything to Real Madrid for 25 years and in the end they just don't want him because there is someone else !?
Real Madrid fans that are reading this know that Madrid doesn't treat Legends the way they should be .


Our lips moved together in sync , as my arms wrapped around his neck , my mind and thoughts blurred by the sudden movement .

I didn't even know what I was thinking at that one moment ,what he had told me made me even more confused , then  I already was .

The thing is that in both times that he kissed me , I didn't pull away and that confused me more than anything else.

His lips were soft and warm compared to his body that was like a cold stone .

Freezing as if there was no life in it. 

No blood running through his veins .

Just coldness and hate and were there was no sparks.

My hand moved from is neck to his chest my left arm resting around his neck .

Nothing . I could feel nothing in his chest , no heartbeat , no sound , no warmness ,nothing .

Realization took over me giving me the definition of what he was .

The man in front of me was a cold hearted blood sucking monster , with barely any soul , he only wanted to kill me .

And if being his mate means being his blood slave than no thank you.

I didn't even know his name and he expect me to be okay with him!

I just didn't understand why did he mark me .

Maybe he wanted to be the only one that could drink from me.

I snapped and pushed him away once again and he looked at me confused.

"why'd you pull away?" he asked trying to get closer.

"I'm am not your mate , nor your puppet that you can use and lure to drink their blood." I told him glaring at him my eyes narrowed.

"I am not using you as a blood slave ! you're my mate ! as in my soul mate." he almost yelled but tried to keep calm for my sake.

"you're lying you don't even know my name , and I don't know yours !" I snapped at him surprised he was keeping his cool.

"I know your name just as much as you know mine (y/n) " he said taking me by surprise , okay mind reader .

"what's my name (y/n) , think about it you know it." he said taking a few steps closer.

"Neymar " I whispered surprised by  my answer.


So I will make a part 5 .

Tell me if I should make a book out of it.






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