Hiya peeps :) I thought I would do a special one for all of you. I had noticed that everyone shipped JohnLock, apart from me lol XD Um, so I though lets experiment this. Some JohnLock texts :3

Enjoy, let me know what you thought :D


Sherlock joined the chatroom

Watson joined the chatroom 

Sherlock -  John where are you? I need you.

Watson - For what?

Sherlock - I am bored, I need... company. 

Watson - You have the wall and Mrs Hudson. Do they not provide company?

Sherlock - No. I need you. It might be dangerous. 

Watson - Well... I'll be up for that. 

Sherlock - (Yes!) I mean, take your time. I can... wait. I'll shoot the wall. 

Watson - Sherlock.

Sherlock - Yes John?

Watson - Your so bloody loud! I can hear you from the bottom of the street!

Sherlock - What? Your actually here? And you can here me? Hmph. Does the trick... 

Watson - What do you want me for? 

Sherlock - Help with a case. 

Watson - Where is it? 

Sherlock - In my flat. In my room. 

Watson - Huh? Oh. OOOHH! 


Soooo, what ya think? You like? :) That pic at the top lol XD

Also, what do you think, a book full of Sherlock shippers texts? For example, Johnlock, Sherlolly, Mystrade even? 

Let me know in the comments below :)

Thanks :3

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