Chapter 32

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A few hours later, we arrive at our destination. Ten blocks away from the Government building. I say "alright, this is it. Everyone stops here, everyone gets out."

Jamison nods and stops the car. He pulls over, and we get out of the car.

All the people on the busses do the same.

I say "if you're Photokinetic, go over here." I point to my right.

About eighteen people walk in that direction.

I sigh, hoping there were more, but dealing with it I say "the rest of you go back on the bus."

Everyone else retreats to their busses. I assign all but two Photokinetics an area to black-out, and send the remaining two back to the bus.

I say "let's go dark."

All the lights in the area turn off.

I say "Electrokinetics."

He goes to the busses and comes back with about fifteen people.

I say "take the electricity."

Suddenly, the power goes out in all the nearby buildings.

I turn to Jamison and say "we walk from here. Get me the two remaining Photokinetics and the Umbrakinetics. They're next."

He nods and goes onto a bus.

I look to the Government building and take a deep breath.

"For Finn," I whisper to myself.

Jamison says "okay, I've got the Photokinetics and Umbrakinetics with all the others in a separated group."

I say "perfect. Now we head to the Government."

He nods and I begin to lead the way.

We get there after about an hour.

I say "Photokinetics, go inside. One on the left, one on the right. Each of you take half the Umbrakinetics with you. Every room you make dark, they cover in shadows. Got it?"

They nod and the Umbrakinetics split into two groups.

I say "and half the telekinetics."

The telekinetics also split into two groups.

I nod and say "go."

They walk into the building, half on each side.

I say "Cyrokinetics, I want you to seal all entrances shut with ice once we're inside. The water for the ice will be provided by the Hydrokinetics."

Two groups of people nod.

I say "pair up. One Cyrokinetic, one Hydrokinetic."

Two groups of people walk towards each other and begin to form groups of two.

I nod and say "stay in the back. Geokinetics, Aerokinetics, and Pyrokinetics, you all guard the doors and make sure no one escapes."

The remainder of the people nod.

I say "let's go."

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