Things that make me mad

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What can I say? The bitch made me mad...=P


What makes me mad?

Well honestly there is only one answer...stupid people. Yes stupid people make me mad.

Like my teacher who said that my homework assignment is due Tuesday but collects it on Thursday when I did not bring it.

Or the waiter who brings me coke when I specifically asked for Pepsi.

Or those people who say that just because you're Haitian you have to eat cat.

Or my sister who keeps steeling the guy just because her waist is two sizes smaller.

My parents who hate the fact that I have a voice and until it's heard I won't shut up.

Or the police officer who stopped my African American friend because his car was too nice.

Or that boy, who keeps ignoring the girl who is beautiful inside but chooses the other corrupted soul instead of that girls love that he ignored which will remain strong.

Or my friend who I keep telling that things are going to get better to trust in god who will fill the scrapes in her arms.

Or that little girl who goes to school with her hair covering her face and clothes covering the scrapes and bruises from last night.

Or that man who tells his son that he is worthless but I know that god has a plan and a purpose for him someday.

Or those kids at school who judge this girl because of the size of her waist instead of the size of her heart.

That girl because she believed those idiots at school she lies gagging herself every night before bed.

Or me, because the things I want to do in this world are not yet accomplished.

These are the things that make me mad.

-When you can't speak how you feel, write it =]-

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