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It was a cold winter night in the middle of november, snow covered the ground but nothing could be seen in the sky cries could be heard in the distance but you couldn't make out what house it come from.

"Stop!" I cried throwing my hands over my face to protect me from another one of his blows,

my name is Indianna Wood and I'm 16 years old and in my juinor year of high school at beach wood high. I'm what you would call a geek I love to study and read books and sometimes go out with my friend Molly Evans,

it was in late June this year that I finally got asked out by a guy I had liked in my chemistry class for about 2 years prior. I thought I knew the real him obviously I didnt know the real Scott Thompson, he had shaggy blonde hair that fell over his amazing azure blue eyes that anyone could get lost in he was a year older than me.

"No you deserve this you useless girl" he spat at me and punched me in the stomach, I fell to the floor winded for a second before I looked up at him tears streaming down my face "i hate you Scott Thompson" I screamed before getting up to run out the front door. I felt a rough hand pull me back "no you dont you sorry picece of shit" he said with a smirk before shoving me against the wall and kissed me forcefully, I was so scared I didnt even have time to think about what I was going to do next it all happend so quickly my knee collided with his balls and he was on the ground whimpering in pain "you stupid bitch!" he spat. I ran out the front door and into the cold November air,

I looked around for somewhere to run and saw that there was some lights coming from my high school. I started running towards it my gladiator sandals slapping against the wet concrete, I arrived at the school and saw that the light was coming from the drama studio. I walked there slowly trying to get some breath back into my aching lungs, Molly stepped out of the drama studio and gasped "indi what happend!?" she jogged over to me and pulled me into a hug as I broke down into tears.

"Scott happend" I said tears streaming down my face, she walked me out of the school building towards her car "do you want to sleep at mine the night indi?" I looked at her my chocolate brown eyes swimming with tears "sure" I let out a small smile to show her I appreciated what she was doing for me. We got in the car and drove towards her house, I watched the trees fly past and I thought I saw a figure catch my eye, I looked again and saw Scott running down the road towards a black car. "what the hell is he on" I heard Molly mutter as she drove through the traffic lights "I dont know but  just wanna get some sleep Molly and forget him" I said whimpering, when we eventually got home I ran upto her bedroom and flung myself on the bed.I  didnt remember anything as everything went black and I fell into a deep sleep. 

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