Ch. 19 Crazy

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I worked in the E.R. nonstop. I got case after case, patient after patient, until nearly five o'clock. It had been a long, crazy day.

Dr. Michaels came over to me. "Hey, Britt. You feeling okay?"

"Yeah, I'm awesome. You?"

"I'm good."

Dr. Walker came over. "Dr. Malone, I need a patient taken to CT. Think you can do it?"

"Of course."

He handed me the chart. "He's in bed two."

I nodded and walked over. I pulled the curtain back and stepped in. "Mr. Hill, hi. I'm Dr. Malone. I'm going to be taking you to CT."

He was about my age. His dark hair hung in his eyes. He smiled, "You can take me anywhere you want, darlin'."

I helped him into a wheelchair and began to take him to CT.

"You're too pretty to be a doctor."

"Well, I am one."

"If you were my girl, you wouldn't have to work."

I rolled my eyes. Cocky bastard.

"Pretty girls like you shouldn't have to work."

"I like working."

"Well, you could work around the house, if you wanted, but I wouldn't want to risk other guys looking at you. They'd want what's mine and they should, but they wouldn't be able to take you from me."

"You're confident."

"I'm sure."

When we got to CT, I helped him in the machine. Then, I went to the observing room.

"Hey, Britt," the tech smiled.

I handed him the order. "Hey, Nick. Having a good day?"

"A busy day. What about you?"

"Busy day," I nodded.

He flicked the mic on. "We need you to be still. No moving."

Nick took the scans.

The guy had a fractured ankle. It looked pretty bad, too.

I sighed. More time with the cocky bastard. Brilliant.

I got him from the machine and helped him back in his wheelchair. I waved bye to Nick and took the guy from the room. I was taking him across the main floor.

"So you got a first name, Dr. Hottie?" he asked.

"Britt!" Jake called.

I looked up and sighed in relief.

He smiled and jogged over. "Hey. I was doing a coffee run. You want one?"

"Yeah, sure," I smiled. "You're not getting coffee for your whole family, are you?"

"No. Just Mom, Drew, and Mel. Dad can't drink it...for obvious reasons."

I nodded. "Are you okay? I mean, that was some devastating news and-"

"It's fine. It gives me more excuses to come here," he smirked. "Coffee with cream, two sweeteners."

"Yep. I'll meet you up there soon, okay?"

"Okay," he smiled.

I smiled and took my patient back to the emergency room. I went to Dr. Walker and got a consult.

He led me back to the patient. He spoke, "Dr. Malone and I are going to get you a cast, because you've got a broken ankle."

The guy nodded.

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