Chapter 19

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Two days went by in a blur. Ryan was not as worried as he thought himself to be on the thought of facing the monsters as Dove, according to her promise, remained by his side, making him relax. He felt himself a little calmed down but as 'they' were arriving today so he was at edge, snapping and grumbling on the employees. Even Xavier had to accompany him to The House in order to keep an eye on his brother who would get scary in his anger.

Even though Dove was busy, still she kept on stealing glances of Ryan from the glass of her cubicle. Ryan appeared to be indulged in work, reading scripts, approving or rejecting them but Dove knew the way he stared into nothingness with a distant look on his face he was not able to concentrate. It was only because of Xavier that Dove was a little relaxed for Ryan.

Xavier caught her staring at Ryan so he smiled, knowing very well that because of Dove his brother soon would be back to him. His worries for Ryan started to ease. He nodded at Dove and sent her a text to come into Ryan's cabin. In no time she was in the cabin, barefoot. Xavier raised an eyebrow so she shrugged her shoulder, saying, "Heels suck." That made Xavier chuckle.

Dove looked at Ryan who stared on the script in his hand. Xavier left the cabin to give them their privacy for which she felt grateful. Gently she took the script from Ryan's hands and folded it neatly. Finally he looked at her, getting a small smile from her.

"Ryan do you need anything to drink? Black coffee maybe?"

He shook his head and went towards the window, his back facing Dove who sighed softly. Ryan felt Dove's hands massaging his stiff shoulders.

"Relax my man." He started doing as he was told by her. After a moment she hugged him from behind, pressing her head on his back. Ryan turned her around and trapped her in between his arms and looked down at her. Dove waited for him to ask the question that she already knew.

"You will be there with me when we meet them, right?"

She went on her tippy-toes, pecked his lips and nodded her head. "Without a doubt my man. Now stop worrying. Whatever it is we will fight together."

"We will baby." They sealed the deal with a kiss.


Dove held Ryan's hand, giving him courage to go through the night.

"We are in this together, remember?"

Ryan nodded and stared at Dove, admiration shining in his eyes. "As long as my beautiful looking Angel is with me I can go through hell and come back."

"Cheesy." Dove shook her head, fighting back her smile and blush but failing at both as Ryan laughed lightly.

They got out of Audi and knocked at Ryan's parents mansion door. Ryan was taking the situation a lot better from morning than expected by Dove. He was able to concentrate on The House as his nerves calmed down. Dove figured out it was hard for him but she knew he was strong.

'But the ones who are strong for too long or pretend to be strong have their breakdown just around some corner.' Her conscience spoke something to which Dove agreed.

'And this time Dove, I know you will be with him, to ease his pain.' Her heart had always advised well. She smiled as she realized she would not let Ryan's anger and pain take over his heart this time.

The door was opened by Xavier who stood their wearing a frown that turned into a full blown smile as he gazed at his brother standing there with Dove.

"Oh it's just you Ryan." He faked a bored expression at his brother who frowned and glared at Xavier as he embraced Dove who giggled and hugged him back.

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