8-Missing Part 2

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Author’s Note

So um…it’s not a Sunday and it’s April. I know it is like 8 months late but I’m sooooo sorry. Once school started I was like crazy busy and eventually I forgot about the story:( and I am really sorry about that.  But I gave myself some motivation to continue writing again! Yay! So I really hope you guys don’t hate me and I hope you continue reading and be the awesome fans you are. Also, I hope you enjoy this chapter!


I woke up in a pitch black room. I was laying on something extremely uncomfortable.  For all I know it could be a bunch of rocks.  Last I remember I was at school with Logan when he apologized to me.

I stood up but stumbled a little.  There was a pounding in my head.  I have never drunk before but from the way people describe hangovers, I feel like I have one.

I felt my head thinking it would somehow help but it just made the pain worse.  There was a huge lump on my head.  Maybe I had fallen or something.  I don’t think Logan would have hurt me at all, but how could I have gotten here.  What happened?

Suddenly my eyes are blinded from a bright light entering the room.  From what I can see, I am in a cave of some sort.

What am I doing here?  All of the possibilities scrambled around in my head as the light came closer.

I squinted my eyes to lessen the pain.  How long have I been asleep?

Suddenly the sight of Angel comes into my view.  Everything suddenly floods back to my mind.  I remember everything.

“Angel!”, I growl.

“Well hello sweet Chloe.  How are you doing?  You are finally awake.  I knew I didn’t kill you.  For a while I wasn’t too sure.  That would have been devastating wouldn’t it?  Poor Logan would’ve been so lonely.  Maybe he would’ve come crawling back to me.” She says with an evil grin on her face the whole time.

“You are such a bitch!” I scream at her. “You are a psycho!”

“Oh and your poor family.  Could they handle another loss?  I mean, you are the only one left.”

How does she know about my family?  Has she been watching me?

“How do you know that?” I ask quietly.

“Anyone that is with my sweet Logan must have a history that makes him sad for you. Otherwise he wouldn’t want to be with anyone but me.”

I stare at her and respond,” Are you serious?  He wouldn’t ever want to be with a psycho like you.  And he doesn’t feel bad for me! He cares about me.”

“Oh really, does he love you?” she asks.

When I think about it, we haven’t even been together that long.  So he couldn’t possibly love me.  Well he did say it in a text but it was just jokingly, right?  He never said it to me.  I doubt he does.  Maybe she will win this one after all.

“I will take your pause as a no.  Aww, poor you.  You are with a guy who doesn’t even love you.  And you know he will come crawling back to me.  So just give up.  There’s no use in trying.  You know you won’t win.”

I pause for a minute and come up with an idea.

“I have an idea.  How about you let me go, I break up with Logan.  Tell him that he should be with you again.  Do whatever you can to try to win him back.  After a week, if he chooses you, I will get out of both of your lives.  If he chooses me, you have to leave us alone and disappear forever. Deal?”

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