1~Welcome to the glade.

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Greenie's pov.

My eyes fluttered open and all I could see was the few lights that were whizzing past me. It was nearly complete darkness but I could make out the shapes of boxes and that I was in some sort of cage.

What is going on!? Where am I?! I don't remember anything. I can't even remember who I am, what I look like, my name, Nothing!! Everything that was going on around me caused me to start hyperventilating.

I took a few deep breathes and calmed myself down. I was so scared I didn't know anything. I backed up into a corner of the cold metal cage and I felt like crying.

I held back the tears that were threatening to escape. My head started thumping and I was going to fast up in the elevator thing I was in I felt like vomiting.

After what felt like forever the elevator thing jolted to a stop. I heard noises then the sounds of metal being moved. I looked up and these door like things let in the blinding light.

I held my shaking hand in front of my face until my eyes adjusted to the light. I felt a thud on the ground beside me and I realized someone else was in here with me.

I held my breathe and then looked up to see a cute dirty blonde teenage boy hovering over me. I backed up further into the wall and he knelt down with his hands up. What was going on?!

" What's down there Newt?" a deep voice said.

I'm guessing the name of the boy in front of me was Newt because he responded.

"uh it's-it's a girl!" he stuttered looking up at something I couldn't see.

I heard gasps and then voices started yelling things out. By the sound of it there were at least 30 boys up there saying

"is she hot?!"

"I call dips!"

"oh damn what a girl greenie!"

...and heaps of other rude remarks. I heard the same voice telling everyone to slim it.

They saying a few words that I had never heard of. What does slim it, greenie and shuck mean?

I was terrified and the boy in front of me saw. "hey hey its okay we won't hurt you were here to help okay? Just trust us and we will eventually explain everything." he says in a gentle voice with an accent that I'm pretty sure is British.

For some reason I feel like I can trust him. I don't want to appear weak so I stand up and try not to look that scared and confused. I step out into the light were I can see about 30-35 teenager boys all different shape and race and age.

They were all huddled together surrounding the thing I was in. Newt I think is his name told them to stop staring and get the rope to help me out.

Before they could a tough tall looking guy jumps in and says " screw the rope she could be a spy I say we banish her".

I don't know who he was but I have a feeling we weren't going to get along all though he had a strong eyebrow game.

he grabs me around the waist and he literally picks me up with ease and throws me out of the thing.

" Well that was rude, asshole. " I mumble but he obviously heard. A few guys chuckle about what I said but he jumped out of the cage along with Newt.

The mean guy stomps up to me and grabs me by my shirt and yells in my face " what the shuck was that?!" I was scared but my mouth spoke without thinking.

"Are you deaf? I called you an asshole!" I hear guys laugh and calling me a 'feisty one'.

" Leave her alone Gally!" Newt says sternly. Gally I'm guessing is his name is. He doesn't listen and he is still grabbing my shirt and starts lifting me up and goes to throw me but before he could do anything I panic and as hard as I can I elbow him in the nose.

He drops me and and yells in pain and I can see blood start to pour from his nose. He looks up at me and the look in his eyes tell me he is about to kill me. He steps forward and I run and he started to chase me.

I hear some of the guys tell him not to chase me but he didn't once again listen. I look back and he is gaining up on me and I run like my life depended on it because it does (sorry I had to put that in there :)) .

I look back again and I see him falling back he is obviously very fast but I seem to be able to outrun him with ease. my heart beat quickens because of the fright.

I can't run forever so I look around and I see 4 old walls with ivy all on it and some shelter and other things that weren't going to help me but I did see a tree house sorta thing. It had to be climbed up to get to the top and I dash over to it.

I turn to look behind me and the other guys are right behind Gally and a dark fellow tell him not to follow me up! I start to climb till I get to the top and I back myself up in the corner.

I really hope this is a bad dream. I had a good view up here and I walk over to the edge and I look closely at me surroundings.

There was a forest like thing in a corner, building or huts spread out everywhere some bugger than others. There was also a few animals around and crop gardens. I hear one of the boys who told Gally not to chase me to let at least one of us come up.

I think about it and I lean over the side so they could see me. "okay but I pick who can go up," I say my voice a little shaky.

He nods and I scan all of the guys and my eyes land on a younger boy around 12 or 13 and a bit on the chubby side with rosey checks and brown curly hair.

I point to him. I wanted him to come up because he looked less intimidating and if he tried something I would be able to win. He looks at me confused and points to himself. I nod and he starts to climb up.

Once he is up he gives me a small smile and i flash him one back.

"What is going on, where am I, why can't I remember anything!?" I say needing answers.

"You are the new greenie once a month the people who put us here send someone up here and today that was you. We call this place the glade we all look after each other. And don't worry It happens to all of us we don't remember anything except our names , do you know your name?" he speaks softly

I shake my head and he tells me that I will remember it in a couple of days. I start to process everything he just told me and I'm not as confused.

" I can't tell you a lot our leader Alby *he points to Alby* will give you a tour and will tell you more. Please come down we won't hurt you," he says full of hope that I go down. I agree and slowly make my way down.

I look around trying to see Gally, Chuck said he went to the Med jacks to get his nose fixed. He chuckles at me hitting him. " Your awesome, you put on a show back there with Gally, thanks for the entertainment." he laughs with his hands on his knees and I chuckle at his reaction.

Alby walks up to me and I shake his hand he gives me a warm smile " I'm Ably, this is Newt * pointing to Newt* and this is chuck". He says pointing to the boy beside me.

Newt walks up to me and flashes me a smile and opens his mouth to speak " you definitely did put on quite a show back there. How the bloody hell did you outrun Gally!?" I shrug and he laughs.

Alby told me he is busy at this time so Newt will be giving me a tour. I'm fine with that. Alby calls some boys over and tells them to start building me a room ASAP.

I look back to Newt and he had gorgeous brown eyes I notice. "Alright greenie time to start the tour." he says with a smirk.

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