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~Ayame POV~
Haruhi and I stared at the Host's in confusion and annoyance.

Tamaki was crying, Kaoru was crying, Honey was crying, why the hell is everyone crying?!

"Guess tears are popular with the ladies today. But how are they able to cry so easily?" Haruhi mumbled, bumping into Kaoru.

A small container fell out of his sleeves. It had the picture of an eye crying.

Haruhi picked it up. "What's this?" She asked, highly annoyed.

"High grade eye drops." I said glaring at Kaoru.

"For your information it's normal-" I kinda tuned out. Ehehe. I'm not the best listener.

And then I heard her.

"Kyoya! My prince!" Renge!!!

After everyone bombarded them with questions I finally came up to the slightly taller female. Hey! She's only taller than me by 3 inches! Stop looking at me like that! It's only 3 inches!!!! I really hate you people. I'm just kidding :3.

"Ren-chan did you already forget about me?" I said tugging on her arm, for once acting like a little sister. Key-word. Acting.

"Aya-chan!!" Renge squealed, releasing Kyo's a arm long enough to hug me before going back to him. "This is where you went? Surrounded by all these idiots and my sweet prince?" Shouts of indignation were heard.

"Yes." I sniffed dramatically. "It was absolutely horrible!" That sent Tamaki who was frozen on the floor with arrows on his back, straight into the emo corner.

"And that is my long lost brother." I said sarcastically waving my hand. She gasped in horror.

"The phony prince?! You poor girl!" She cooed.

"Sorry to interrupt but-" Hikaru started

"But how exactly-" Kaoru continued

"Do you know each other." They finished in harmony.

"I lived with some family friends in Paris. Eventually when I started 'poor' school I had passed by the 'rich' school and I met Renge who was fangirling over Miyabi. Soon I started playing with her. She showed me her favorite 'games' and we became close friends." I sighed.

"Game?" Honey asked.

"Apparently, Renge here thinks I'm Miyabi from 'Uki Doki Memorial!' Thus she is putting her love into me because we look the same." Kyoya said with a glint in his eyes.

~Time skip~

"I made cookies!" Renge bounced in.

"See! This is a true lady-" Tamaki started his princely act.

"They aren't for you, Phony Prince!" Annnnnd emo corner all the night long.

Oh well. It's freaking cookies! How can I turn that down?

"Coooooookies!" I squealed and quickly took one.

"I burned them a little but that's okay! I know what you will say my sweet prince!" Renge sighed daydreaming.

Honey took one and munched on it. "Wow these are really burned." I turned to him eating my own cookie.

"What are you talking about? They are delicious!" I said taking another from the bag. Mori came up to us and took our cookies away.

"Don't eat that Mitsukuni, Ayame." He said with a blank face. "It's bad for you."

I posted. "My cookie!! Give it back tall person!!" (got that from WeirdoTomBoy XD)I jumped to get it back.

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