Chapter 4

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We walked to the Big House to talk about things and how I became a god. Just then, we heard footsteps running on the porch. Someone started pounding on the door and Chiron walked over to open it. When he did, I was shocked at who I saw. It was my little sister. Jessica Jackson. She ran at me with a huge smile on her face. "Percy!!!! I missed you so much!!!" "Hi Jess. I missed you too. When did you get here?" "Grover brought me here yesterday."

****time lapse***
I was walking around the camp with Jess when I saw Grover. "Hey Perce. What's up. Where have you been?" "Hey Grover. I had to go to Olympus and I became a god." " You became a god?!?!?! That's great Percy!!!" said Jess. " thanks Jess." We walked around some more and talked to a few people. They all welcomed me and Luke back and were happy to see us. It was supper time so we started waking to the tables for dinner then I saw her...Annabeth

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