Chapter 30

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I say "he can't be the one for the Battle Royale. There's thousands of telekinetics, what are the odds of it being him? He probably just got taken as a hostage by someone who wants something from me."

Blaire says "I know it's hard, he's my friend too. But sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and focus on the task at hand, then when you're done you can come back and cry."

I say "how am I going to focus when my boyfriend was just kidnapped by someone who I've never met for a reason that no one can figure out?!"

Echo says "Nova, take a deep breath."

Beatrix says "you have to leave for the Government tomorrow, right? Focus all your attention on that. Don't think about Finn."

Blaire says "he'd want you to save the country before you save him."

I take a deep breath and say "alright. I've gotta focus."

Kathryn says "we'll stay here and protect your sister."

I nod and say "thank you."

They all nod.

Beatrix says "now, at least tell us this plan."

I explain the plan to them in a short-version.

Kathryn says "I don't see how this could possibly fail."

I say "careful, don't jinx it."

Echo says "it's seriously a good plan Nova."

I nod and say "Dexter's gonna die even quicker."

Beatrix says "are you going to kill him?"

I say "I'm gonna think about it. But either way, he's going to be dead quicker than he thought."

Blaire says "hate to break it to you, but we've gotta leave for dinner."

We all get up and go to the dining room. We all sit in our normal places, except for Kathryn. She took Finn's seat next to me.

After dinner the detective man approaches me and says "his name is Finn." He turns and walks away.

Echo says "Nova, take a deep breath and don't focus on it. Focus on tomorrow."

I take a deep breath and nod.

Simone says "I think she needs to get some rest, she's got a big day tomorrow."

Everyone nods, and I go to my room. I collapse onto the bed. I cry for what feels like hours, and eventually fall asleep.

Hey guys! So, there's three more chapters left in book one, which I will be posting tomorrow. There IS going to be a second book, and a third one. I've already written the second book, I finished it only a few hours ago. And, I know, this probably will not happen in a million years, but part of me kind of wants to try to see if there's a way I can get my book published. I know, it's a stupid hope. but, I've always wanted to be either an architect or a writer, and I'm better at writing than I am with architecture. Just with the first two books, this story is 195 pages long. That's the length of a short novel. If I wanted to, I could get this published. I know it's a stupid hope that'll probably never happen, but I think it's at least worth maybe an internet search. So, what do you guys think? Should I try to publish it somehow? Also, don't forget about the contest! Submissions are due on Friday, July 17, 2015. I've only got two at the moment, and I really wish I had more options. The two I have are great, but it's not exactly a wide variety of choices. So again: three chapters left, publishing(?) and contest. Thanks! :)

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