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Name:Katrina goes by Kat


Hair color/eyecolor: dark brown hair and brown eyes

Background: Kat was born on 11.10 She had a sad family they really didnt care for her. Kat starved at nights she also had to defend for her own. Kats mom died in a car crash when she was 4 and her dad blammed it on her and abused her till she was 7.She was taken away and put in an orphanage she was still abused by her Headmaster and bullied by a girl named Taylor and her friends. Kat finally was adopted after 10 years of being there by Skydoesminecraft

OOOOOOH BACKGROUND ON MY SELF OHHHH OOH RUIDJk weiodklc okay okay calllllm kat YUS NEW FANFICTION I MENTIONED EARLIER I COULDNT JUST WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO HAVE ATLEAST SOME BACKGROUND ON IT and also another amazing part YOU GUYS GET TO HELP okay since these are all prewritten i have one job for YOU ALLL besides commenting and voting ONE LUCKY PERSON will be able who makes the best cover picture of what could go with this book gets the cover you guys can message me it and yeah I will make it fair and pull your guys user names form a Hat and the person that gets picked will get FULL credit and will have the picture/Art they made as my cover since i dont want to get a picture of Adam and all the other people who are in the book that live with Adam and make a collage of it cause i want you guys to have some part of this. OH AND ANOTHER THING did you guys know ADAM and ALESA changed the name of the baby from Tyler to Mason I liked Tyler better so yeah well thats it so yeah START SUMBITING i will post the winner if anyone enters in the third chapter i think IDK when ever i get one picked but there will be a deadline im not going to make one yet till at least the first chapter comes out which is the 15th or 16th so yeah HAVE FUN IF YOU ENTER IN A BOOK COVER SO YEAH BYE

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