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     I SIGHNED AS the HYDRA agents walked us through the halls of the base. Grant stopped at a big door. He took Skye through another hall. "I swear to you I will kill you." I yelled at him. Skye send me nodded, reassuring me everything will be okay. I sighed, trusting her. I looked at them as they walked away. The agents took me to a separate hall. A few minutes later, Grant and Raina joined us. 

"I'm sorry it had to come to this." He whispered in my ear.

"I didn't believed you were a crazy sociopath until now. Guess everyone was right." I told him. Grant chuckled at me. 

"Keep believing that. I love it when you are mad." He told me. 

"Where is Skye?" I asked him. 

"Talking to his dad of course." Grant said, leaning on the wall next to me. He stood up when he saw Whitehall coming our way. I stiffen at the sight of the filthy weasel in front of me. 

"We are here today because of the three of you." Whitehall said to Grant, Raina and Skye's father. "You bought back Raina, and a new present." He said, looking between Grant and me. "And your great knowledge of the device has helped us gradually. You have my sincere gladtude." He then turned to look at me. "Addison Coulson, Captain America's heart. We are going to enjoy your company." Whitehall said, walking towards me. I glared at him. 

"I will never tell you anything about him." I spat at his face. 

"Well, now I get why Rogers gets his temper. Perhards,we can talk privately, while your friend stays here." White said, giving me a smirk. 

"You are an asshole, just like Red Skull. I will kill you, just like Cap did with him." I said to him. 

"You remain me so much of this Agent called Carter." He said. "I guess you know her since you just stiffen." I glared at him.

"She should have killed you when she had the chance." I told him. 

"A lot of people don't kill me when they have the chance." He said to me. I glared at Grant. "I will save the threats. If you are afraid of your death, then you shouldn't be. We wouldn't kill you just yet." He said to me. 

"I'm not afraid of death. After all, death is the next big adventure." I told him. 

"I have a question Ward, how does she fit in?" Whitehall asked Grant, as Skye walked in. She had an unamused expression. They didn't gave her handcuff since she wasn't 'dangerous' enough. 

"I needed an insurance that SHIELD wouldn't blow us out of the sky." Grant said. 

"But what about her? She seemed to have a high profile on SHIELD." Whitehall said, pointing at me. "I ordered to shot them off, but you decided not to." Whitehall said, narrowing between me and Skye. "I think I know why." Whitehall motioned for Agent 33 to open up a case. She bought the Obelisk to Skye. 

"Why don't you pick it up?" Skye asked him. The HYDRA agents pointed the guns at her. 

"Skye, as much as I will love for you to answer him back; now it isn't the time." I told her. Skye sighed, looking my way. She picked the thing up. I held back my breath, but nothing happened. Skye sent me a slight look. I took the keys, from the HYDRA agent next to me. I opened them. Skye pressed the Obelisk next to the agent standing next to her. The agent fell to his knees. 

I kicked the agent next to me. I threw the keys at the other agent throat that was right next to Whitehall. I took out the gun from the guy, pointing it at Whitehall. One guy pointed the guy at him, making Grant point the gun at him. I then saw one of the agents look at me. I could see the sun reflecting on the metal that was slightly showing. He nodded at me. At that moment I knew I wasn't completing alone. 

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