I guess this is the intro

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Heyoo! I just really needed a intro because ya know since this is sort of a diary and literally believe me when I say this, I'm going to probably be sharing more than what I should but oh well you will get a little clue of what is this mess called mind, in this case my mind.

Most of you know or probably don't because I don't even know who the hell is going to be reading this or if even someone is going to read it, but as I was saying, I am Debs. 

I'm an awkward 19 year old girl with a weird life you will be mostly get to know within these chapters or whatever you wanna call it.

In this book I will be talking about a lot of stuff, it might be rants, random thoughts, feelings, outflows and you guys can even suggest subjects for me to talk about, my opinion and stuff.

I ask you one thing, since this is going to be my opinion and my stuff, please do not judge me and if you do not agree with my thoughts and stuff instead of insulting me, ignore it, don't comment. I'm not going to be offending anyone, where I might be possibly getting close to that is in my rants about graphics and stuff but that will be only because peopel disrespected me, which happened a lot, BELIVE ME, not just to me but to every designer.

I'm also going to apologize already for the very bad spelling and stuff but well you guys know, my native language is not english, actually nowhere near that, it is portuguese c: 

Well wtv, this was my random intro and stuff and like wtv really xD 

Also thank you so sooooooooooooooooo much to Florexxed for the amazing cover ♥ 

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