part 2

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Gibbs ' POV)

As my tires screech going around the last bend towards my house I can feel myself getting more and more nervous, I was going to be a grandfather soon.

As I pulled up into my drive I didn't even think of turning the car off I just jumped out and sped off into my house. "Abby?" I panted, tired from all the running "Gi...ARRRR!" Abby exclaims from the kitchen.

As I reach the kitchen I see Abby on the floor patting with sweat pouring down her forehead "Abb's let's get you to the hospital" I say picking her up and carrying her to my car, I layer her down in the back seat and held her hand a drove with the other.

*at the hospital*

(12 hours later)

It's now 11 am and I'm still in the hospital with my daughter and beautiful granddaughter, Abby was asleep on the bed next to me while I was holder her daughter she has fluffy brown hair like McGee and killer emerald green eyes like Abby, she was a perfect mixture of them. As Abby slept (because she just was in labour for 11 hours and 50 minutes) I decided to call Bishop down here to show her the new baby, even though Bishop didn't know Abby was pregnant she wouldn't care that we didn't tell her because she basically had a niece now, someone to spoil.

"Agent Bishop's desk" Tony's voice bellows down the phone "Dinozzo where's Bishop?" I ask putting on a stern voice which was hard because I'm so happy right now.

"She's just gone to the toilet boss" Tony stuttered down the phone, but before I could answer I could hear Bishop yell in the background that made me smirk "Dinozzo who is that on the phone?... give it here Tony...Tony!" Eventually he gave her the phone and I instantly put on my stern face again "Bishop" she said sounding annoyed down the phone "Ellie I need you to come down to the hospital please ALONE! I'm in room 678 on floor 4 don't tell anyone where you're going ok and just to let you know I'm fine" I said. I didn't hear a reply for a while and I thought she was gone and I was right after about 15 to 20 seconds I hear Tony again "Hey boss where is Bish going she just left in a rush?" I smirk knowing that Ziva is concerned for me "Ah don't worry Dinozzo" I laugh before hanging up.

I look down at the little unnamed bundle of joy in my arms and couldn't help but smile and think what Kelly was like born.

Half an hour later Abby was still asleep and now so was the child, I put her in her crib and went to go get coffee. While I was walking back to Abby's room the elevator doors opened and Bishop came rushing out "Bishop!" I yelled making her head snap towards my direction "Gibbs what's happened?" She said panting "nothing bad but I would like you to meet someone" I say with a large smile on my face and lead her to Abby's room.

When I get to Abby's room she is awake and has the baby in her lap "Um hey Abb's you have a visitor is that ok?" I say poking my head around the corner "Sure Gibbs come in" she says not daring to take her eyes of the child in her lap "OH MY GOD ABBY, WHO'S THIS GORGEOUS LITTLE GIRL? " Bishop practically yells. "Bishop calm down this is my daughter, her name is Caitlin Michelle McGee" I can see that Bishop's eyes widen when she hears that Caitlin is McGee's daughter, but then she quickly turns to me "Gibbs why is McGee so depressed then if he was going to be a father?" She asks without thinking.

"Because Bishop he didn't know Abby was pregnant the only people who knew were me and Vance and next time think before you speak Abby didn't know McGee is depressed I told her he was fine" After telling Bishop this information her face goes pale and she turns back to Abby.

"Abby I'm so sorry I should have used my brain, I'm so..." before Bishop could continue Abby cut her off "it's fine Ellie, now that Caitlin is born I'm ready to tell him and let him meet his daughter" she says chirpy. "Ok Abb's here call him on my phone" I say passing her the phone she quickly presses call and I take Caitlin from her and pass her to Bishop a few seconds later I hear McGee's voice on the phone then Abby replies "hello Timmy"...

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