Chapter 4

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(Grace's POV)

I paced back and forth in our room trying to find a reasonable explanation, for everything that had happened.
"Grace you need to stop pacing your making dizzy" said Jeannie annoyed since I had been pacing for about ten minutes

"Jeannie you know that this is the way I think and I need to figure out a way to for us to get out of here" I replied still pacing. Suddenly there was knock at the door of the bedroom we had been placed in Jeannie and I both jumped. I went to the door and opened it there stood two women one looked a little younger than Me and the other looked about fifty-ish.

"We were instructed to bring you your dresses for the masked ball the Count would like you two down stairs in and one hour so hurry up" said the older one handing me both dresses and they walked off I shut the door and as soon as I saw the look on Jeannie face I knew I would have to force her into the dress

"Grace I am not wearing that trash I will look like a cloud gave birth to me" She said angry

"Oh come on Jeannie all these need is a little bit of revamping and they will be good as new" I said setting the dresses on the bed and getting my sewing kit from my coat pocket

"Grace you seriously need to stop carrying around that thing it's super weird" she said sighing

"But if I hadn't brought then we would have to wear them as they are now go put this on and I will work on it as you stand still" I said handing her a green dress as she stood up and headed behind to the bathroom. After she came out I set to work on the front of the dress making it less frilly and less poofy looking. After about fifteen minutes it was perfect the dress I was a dark green dress with layers in the front and strapless.

"So what do you think?" I asked anxious Jeannie looked down and a huge smile came on her face.

"Grace it's awesome thank you so much" cried Jeannie with joy as she tackled me with a hug

"Now I want you to take a look at this cause I don't think my dress needs any adjustments I mean it looks like a dress I would wear" I said picking it up It was a light blue dress that looked like water ripples all around and a black trim on the bodice it was also strapless

"I think your good" Replied Jeannie

"Jeannie your awesome, and also we need to put on our masks and I found these heels in the closet" I said Pulling out two masks one a blue butterfly the other a green and gold mask that was from the nose up. I also grabbed two pairs of heels one pair silver and one pair turquoise.

"Whoa sweet wait hold on Grace are you sure we should even go to this party I mean what if this like so set up were that crazy guy tries to kill us" Said Jeannie suspicious

"Jeannie this might be the only time I can figure out why this guy thinks I'm this Elizabeth person and don't worry I can handle myself" I replied confident

"Well if you saw so but still I don't trust him if you need me to punch I will" she said Putting on the green mask and heels

"Ok I will" I said jokingly putting on my stuff as well I opened the door and we walked out looking for were there might be a party.

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