Chapter 28

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London, 2014

Doreen was seething with rage. Her eyes pooled with unshed tears as she watched Greg sign paper after paper.

"Why are you doing this Greg?" she cried.

With a frustrated breath he handed the pen and clipboard to the awaiting nurse. She slunk away with her head lowered giving them their privacy.

"Doreen....Please," he clenched his jaw. Trying to control his frustration.

"You have to consider her well being Greg. It's a risk you heard the Dr. She shouldn't be moved," she pleaded.

"I know that Doreen, I have considered it. I am doing this for her so she can have the best care possible. There is hope, my baby girl is going to pull through this and I want the best physicians around to help her," his voice rose abit.

He paced anxiously before her. Worried about his decision to have her flown back to the states in her current condition. Would she get worse? Would she even recover with the best medical aid possible?

Doreen hugged herself. Tears flowing down her cheek. She felt so helpless.
He turned to look at her. His heart hurt so much. What happened to them? How did they grow apart like this? Ever since Tom's death he watched Doreen close up and separate her self from there family. His older brother meant the world to her. The day his Captain called to break the news that Tom died, Their world crumbled. A drug sting that went bad, two other fellow officers were badly injured.

They had always been close. Since childhood. After Mimi and Taras birth they continued being close until that horrible day. He lost his brother. Then  11 Years later his wife, her sister. And through all of it, he expected Doreen to understand. Yes it was her sister, and she was his wife he lost as well. But, this was his daughter. She was all he had left.
He needed to save her.


Tara sat on a large large rock over looking the beautiful water that rippled before her. She came to this spot to think and clear her head and ease the ever growing panick she was feeling. She was far past the shock of being tossed in another time. Reality had already reared its ugly head and slapped her.

Where was she to go now from here? What did her future here hold for her?
She looked down at her feet as it swished around in the cool water.
She breathed in deeply.
What was she going to do?

She stood slowly then turned to walk towards the keep. Her walk was slow and with each step she thought to herself.
Endless possibilities.

Her mind wandered so far that she barely realized how she absent-mindedly walked across the courtyard into the great hall until she walked head long into Ardolf's hands.

Blinking softly and with a confused frown,  she looked up into soft old grey eyes.
"Easy there my child," he chuckled steadying her.

"I'm sorry, forgive me I wasn't watching where I was going," she smiled.

"I gathered that lass," he looked down at her with concerned eyes.

"What ails you?" He asked.

She looked up into his eyes. The overwhelming urge to speak to someone was on her mind. She needed to vent. Vent her worries, her fears , her doubts.
She looked down and thought to speak then as soon as she raised her head and opened her mouth to speak, Aidan and Duncan entered with their men.

Saddened a little that she couldn't continue their conversation, she smiled up at him.
"Maybe we can speak another time,"

He held her hands in his and softly pat them.
"Any time my child, I'm here to listen,"

She turned in time to watch Aidan and Duncan approach. She received a gingerly peck on the cheek by Aidan before turning from Duncan's scowl. She laughed a little at the angry look on Duncan's face.

He slowly looked from Aidan's mocking grin and smirked shaking his head.

He looked down to acknowledge the beauty before him and his eyes sparkled. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

"Hi," she smiled up at him.
His adoring stare made her heart skip a beat.

"Hi," whispered back before lowering his head to hers and kissing her sweetly.

"Are the two of ye done, these bloody beasts are hungry," the shrill voice of cook came from the other side of the great hall.

With a grown he rested his forehead on hers. She giggled softly and lowered her head to his chest a little embarrassed not realizing his men were waiting on their Lord to commence the evening supper.

All watched happily as Duncan sweetly pulled her to him and kissed her. It was the expression of his greatest love for her.


Duncan sat back. Astonished he looked at the chess board. The soft giggles before him followed by a chuckle made him look up. The little minx and her accomplice rejoiced in their small victory again.

The two decided to go up against him in a game of chess. Three times with the help of Aidan she won.

He shook his head with a chuckle at their cunning ways.

She began to reset the board again when a knock came to the door.
Bidding enter, they watched as a messenger entered and handed Duncan a missive.
Nodding he accepted it and the boy gave his curtsy and left.
Intrigued, Tara and Adrian watched him role out the large parchment paper. Immediately he scowled.

"What it is?" Adrian stood alarmed stretching out his hand.

Placing it in Adrian's hand after blowing out a deep breath , her raked his hands through his hair.

" this true? This is not good brother," Adrian's eyes widened.

Shaking their heads they turned to look at Ardolf with a look of disappointment.

Widening his eyes he looked lost at their silent accusing stares.
Swallowing hard he shook his head.
"I swear I did not touch cooks pie," he lifted his hand to his heart.

With a sigh Duncan looked at Adrian as he placed his hands on his face.
What a fine predicament this was...


Not wanting to alarm Tara, they held off the conversation for later that evening when she was out for a stroll with Ardolf.

She left a little hurt that she wasn't included or they did not tell her anything until Duncan promised that he would later that night.

He sat back in his chair across from Aidan.
"T'is not legally binding brother. But, just a promise years ago between two lords trying to protect their lands"

"I know that, either way it was expected that father kept his end of the deal," he shook his head.

Duncan stood frustrated. He began to pace.
"I had no clue father made this arrangement,"

Silently Aidan watched him pace.

"You have to speak to him, you can not marry Lord Maularde's daughter.
What about Tara?" Aidan breathed.

With a frustrated breath Duncan looked at Aidan.
"Don't you think I know that?"

The two sat rolling ideas in their heads. Suddenly Aidan looked up to his brother. The worried side glance caught him.

"What are you thinking," he frowned staring at Aidan.

"Marry her," before he could finish Duncan flew out of his seat enraged with Aidans suggestion.

"No you imbecile, I was referring to Tara. Marry Tara," he let out a frustrated breath.

A little taken back by the thought Duncan slumped back in the chair. His heart slammed in his chest.
Marry Tara!

"You love her do you not?" ,Aidan questioned.

With a scowl and slight disbelief of the question he answered quickly.
"Of course I do,"

Aidan looked him dead in the eyes with an unwavering stare.

"Then marry her!"

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