Makinzie & Niall

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You put your jacket on, and wandered outside into the snow. You had no school today, because a- it was snowing and b- it was Christmas. You were visiting a small town in Ireland, Mullingar, for the holidays, and were staying down the road from some famous boyband member, according to your annoying younger sister. Wrong Direction, you think. You run out onto the road, and start building a fort. After working on it for hours, it was done. You stood, back, and eyed it proudly. "Not a bad job." you hear someone say. freaking, you scream and dive into the fort. You hear laughter, and sit there smiling. You know you're immature, but you don't care, because life's too short to act older than you are. "May I have te honor of entrance?" the voice came. It was a boy's, and very thick with Irishness. You think for a minute, before calling out, "The Ice Princess grants you access!" Laughing, you look at the entrance to see a blonde boy in a hoodie and jeans squeeze through. "Ok, change not a bad job to a VERY cool fort!" He said, looking round. "I'm Makinzie." You say, smiling at the boy. "I'm Niall." he says, extending his hand. You shake it before recognizing him. "OH! I know who you are!" You say. Niall winces, expecting a fangirl attack. After standing there for a moment, he peeks at you. "No fangirl?" He asks. I shake my head. "Not so much a fan. Of the band, I mean. But you seem pretty cool, maybe I should look into it." You wink, and he laughs. After playing in the fort for the whole morning, you hear your aunt calling you for Christmas lunch. "Aw, I gotta go." You say. Niall pulls a sad puppy dog face, and you laugh. "Hey, we should hang tomorrow." He says. You nod. "Dench!" You reply, high fiving him, before heading to your house. Your sister is standing at the door. "YOU LIKE NIALL, DON'T YOU?" She screamed, hitting you with a snowball. You blush and shake your head. But think to yourself, 'Do I like Niall?'


No.6 in the series!

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