Maddie & Zayn

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The wind blew your hair as you stumbled down the road. You were bleeding, bruised and hurting, after your now ex boyfriend beat you up. You were crying as you fell into a signpost, giving up as you collapsed against it. You sat there, sobbing you're heart out, and didn't notice a tall figure walking towards you. "You alright, love?" Startled, you look up, and see an incredibly handsome guy standing in front of you. You shake your head, and he crouches down next to you. "Who did this to you?" He whispered, brushing his fingers against your cuts. You sob, and shake your head. "Love, I want to help. Who did this?" He says, his deep eyes drawing you in. "My ex." You say, before sobbing again. He helps you stand, before pulling you into a hug. You feel safe, and warm in his arms- a feeling you haven't had for a few months at least. "I'm Zayn, by the way." He said, looking at you. "I'm Maddie." You reply. "Maddie. I like it. Do you want to come with me, Maddie?" He asks, smiling kindly at you. You nod, and walk down the road with him, hand in hand.


No.5 in the series!

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