marrying my boss...chapter 5

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oh my gosh...its been like 3yrs already and i almost forgot about this story and i just noticed that you guys are still reading it!!'s an update and im so sorry for not updating in like forever!! please please continue to support this, i promise to finish it this time.


Sam's Pov:

yes i knew it was going to happen...i mean its bound to happen, after all we are married and married couple do this. hell who am i trying to fool...with this man beside me it wasnt just sex or lust. i could still feel his kisses all over my body, his gentle promise to not hurt me the minute he found out i was innocent and the way our bodies joined for what seemed to be like an eternity.

i am now completely his...i have left nothing for myself but right now i really didnt care. i even forgot how we ended up in our bed together after 3yrs of being married. it was our first time to sleep on our room together, for usually he would sleep on the couch or i would sleep with nate but right now having him sleep beside me and me comfortably staying inside his embrace i cant help but feel that the heavens are rewarding me for all of my sacrifices, and this man beside me is my ultimate reward.

as i looked at his sleeping face everything felt so right and in his arms is where i truly belong. i knew it wouldnt take a genius to understand that i am still madly in love with taylor lautner after all these years, his absence only made my love for him stronger and i hope that one day he will be able to return that love. i am no longer his secretary, i am his wife and one day i hope that i will be his wife in the truest sense of the word. that one day i will have the right to really call him mine and not be jealous of every girl he's with.

'do you like what you see sammie?' he whispered as he buried his face in my hair 'you always smell so wonderful like apples, peaches and milk...'

i rolled my eyes and giggled 'would that also mean you're hungry?'

he laughed, that rich wonderful laugh that always made me feel warm inside. he touched my face and gently kissed my cheek as he hugged me tighter, maybe at some point any good girl would've panicked knowing that taylor and i were naked underneath the blanket and that i was still hurting from our love making earlier...but he proved to be quite the gentleman despite my lets just say wantoness...and i swear my grandmother would've had my head if she hears me say that.

'did i ever tell you that you're beautiful?'

'uhh i guess you said that earlier...i must've forgotten, maybe at dinner last night' i whispered

'what about...perfect?'

i shook my head and smiled at him 'nope...not perfect'

'well for this guy you are...and i am thankful that i have you, dont ever forget that babe...' he said

i nodded and smiled at him 'babe? hmm cute...'

'and am i not allowed to have an endearment for my wife??' he asked as he feigned surprise 'well i will be calling you babe like it or not, you just have to deal with it.' he gave me another kiss and rubbed his tummy 'i'm hungry...'

i blushed and sat up on the bed and tried to look for my shirt or whatever i can grab from the scattered clothes on the floor and when i couldnt find one i decided to get my robe from the bathroom.

'close your eyes lautner!' i told him as i sprinted towards the direction of our bathroom.

his wondrous laugh filled the room as i felt his eyes on me 'now im hungry for some sammie lynne...but i've seen those babe, no need to be shy'

i couldnt help but giggle at what he said for he was i looked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, my dark hair in wild disarray, my cheeks all flushed, my eyes had that was like looking at someone else but i know i was only looking at my reflection. yes i was happy...very happy and somehow content.


taylor's pov

i was looking at her wearing my robe and i must admit it looked better at her compared to when i was wearing the dreaded thing, i wasnt really bathrobe model material but on was simply perfect. she was busy with the stove preparing our midnight snacks while i was setting the table, the mood was all romantic and cozy and the company perfect. if kissing her would make her warm up to me then i would've kissed her the first time we met but hell that would scare her and i didnt want that. i want that chance to get to know get to know the girl who's been beside me all this time, supporting me in every single way and cushioning every broken heart and every intrigue that came with my career.

i remember her saying a couple of years back when she was sending flowers to one of the girls i used to date that flowers wouldnt be enough to cure a broken heart if the recieving party was really in love with me but if they wouldnt come back and ask an explanation then i never really mattered to them at all. amidst all the controversies my little secretary was right...not once did any of those girls came back. i asked her once what would it take to win her elusive heart since kellan, jackson and even rob tried to win her heart but she would always give them a gentle smile and say no she wasnt ready for love...she simply said love is right sometimes right before our very eyes yet we choose to ignore it, now the question is...

is my wife in love with me?

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