Can I Be Happy With You?-Fourth-

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After the whole room thing, i turned around and got a miniature husky puppy.The look on his face was priceless. Tete had taken her first leak in his favorite work shoes. I loved that face he made when he slipped the shoes. He took off work that day and made me give him a bath. I didn't mind though. Time together had become scarce. I'd take any chance i could get to keep him to myself. I mean, i loved this man. I'd taken the responsiblity of marrying him. Of being his wife. of upholding his last name. I had to want decent time with him. It was my repsonsiblity to always have those laighing moments with him. Which is exactly why i put Tete in the tub with him. I love hearing him yell. It really takes me back to four years ago, when our love was fresh and new. When i was just becoming accostumed to his touch. His silly little meaningless threats to throw the puppy out reminded me of what he'd said about my kittens. He hated them. But they loved him with a passion. Even more then they did me, and i was the one who took care of them!

By the time the bath was done, Daimyn had become a bit attached to Tete. She was a smart little thing. She ahd big blue eyes, and a cute little high-pitched bark. She had a thing for Daimyn's toes, which was the cutest, and she loved to roll around. She brought a new type of air into the place.She might the rooms look just a bit brighter. Kind of like how a newborn baby would. It's just this is Tete and not some pooping machine. She loved to eat bits of bacon, and she always found her way in between our bodies while we slept. She was the cutest. Watching her grow up would be an adventure for the both of us. When Daimyn comes home, Tete barks. When it's time for coffee in the morning, Tete barks. When Tete wants to watch The Lady and The Tramp, Tete barks. It's fun to have something to spoil.

But Tete could never be as spoiled as me. Daimyn worked hours that weren't as outrageous as before, and he'd massage my shoulder every night. He always kisses lightly at my neck and holds me. We all sit and watch a good movie. I married Daimyn because i knew i'd be happy. I said yes, and i do, because i meant it and i did. There were not strings to be pulled. Love was love. As it is now.

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